First sent & received

Thought this would be fun!

What’s the first postcard you sent, and your first received via Postcrossing?

I’ve only sent/received 10 but my first sent:

And my first received:


I don’t have a pic from my first sent, but first received was…

And last received was…

Just look at the time frame!


My first sent card was this one seven years ago and it got its second like this morning:

This is the first one I received:

The latest I received:

And I dropped these ones in the mailbox this afternoon:



My first sent doesn’t have a picture, but my latest sent is this one:

My first received is:

My latest received is:


This is my oldest received card that I have the image for.

And this is my oldest sent card with an image.

(See the darkness of the sky
and the brightness of the moon.
Hear the birds singing
on the branches of a tree.
Let memories take you
to an enchanted summer.)


Hi, this is my first send:

and this is my first recieved post card:


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1st received

Last received

These are just the official ones. I’ve also got RRs and Tag ones as I’m clearly an addict already! :joy::joy:


My first sent card:

My first received card:

This is the first postcard I sent:

And the first two I received - I received them on the same day:

This is the newest one of my postcards that got registered:

And this is my latest recieved postcard:


I sent my first postcard to Germany on the 9th of February 2007. The ID was FI-131820. That time the postcard wall didn’t exist (and I still don’t upload the cards I send) so there is no photo of it.

My first received card is this: (notice the big difference in the IDs, back then Finland was the ultimate Postcrossing country :wink: )

I still remember how disappointed I was with my first card. It’s super thin and has only two sentences in German. That is also reason why I always pay extra attention on the card and message when I draw an address for a newbie with 0 received cards so they will have a nice start for this great hobby.

Latest sent card was registered today:

I haven’t received any official cards after the 2nd of August 2019. (I’m using travel mode at the moment) so this is the latest:

It seems that I’ve been lazy and I haven’t uploaded the picture. Maybe I could do it tomorrow if I can find the card. :slight_smile:
Edit//: Photo added

Great topic, @candyflosscurls! :blush:

First sent postcard from August 13, 2015 (US-3541372):

First received postcard from September 1, 2015 (FI-2483846):

Last sent postcard, received on February 10, 2021 (US-7286695)–it was counted as my 100th sent postcard! :partying_face::


Last received postcard from February 10, 2021 (TW-3110447), the sender’s first card to arrive! :partying_face::


First sent that I have an image of

First received

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as for me, when I joined postcrossing I hadn’t scanner yet and could not upload every card, besides when I’d seen the first received card it seemed too dark to me, but it is still in my collection and I’ve scanned it today - need to admit here, that now I like it more as it is a museum card from the other continent)

as for the first my sent card - I never thought about this coincidence before, but it also was a museum card)

as for the last registred card sent by me(440) - it is one of expired cards that was re-sent

and the latest of my received cards(440)

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My first Postcrossing card I sent out was

My most recent card, not yet sent but already written, is this one:

Also going to Russia :slight_smile:


My first card doesn’t have an image, so I included both it and my second card.

My last postcard sent on the official website was:

My last postcard sent on the forum was:

My first received:

First sent, that has a photo of the card:

Last received:

Last sent:

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My first received - Dawna Street in the old part of Warsaw:

My first sent - Mir Castle (UNESCO heritage site):

My last received - Scottish Fold cat (the same type of cat as I have):

My last sent - Lutheran Church in Grodno (we visited Grodno this May, this building is so beautiful!)

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The first card I received was this cute cat

The last cards I received today are those ones

Cool map card and another cute cat!

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My first card sent doesn’t have an image, so here’s my second which arrived just a day later:

My latest card sent is:

My first card received is:

My latest card received is:

Hi all - I thought there might have been a bit too much overlap with the What postcards have you sent or received today? - #776 by isagv thread, so I’ve changed this one to what your first sent and first received postcards were :slight_smile: