Finding Recipe Postcards on the main page?

I really love them. Fun, colorful, while also succinct and functional!

Is there a way to search thru the cards on this site by topic, like all that have been sent, to find those w recipes on them, so I can save as favorites?

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Lots of recipe fans on Postcrossing! People offer them for swaps or lotteries often.

There’s a tag you can join that sends recipe cards

And there are a number of threads devoted to recipes too - enjoy!:



No, the only way to find cards with recipes on the mainpage to favour is to look through them all.

Another option is to open an account on Flickr and favourite the recipe cards of other postcrossers there.

And if you look at the topic that @LC-Canada mentioned ( Postcards that feature food! 🍳 ), you’ll find lots of cards to favour there.

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Please keep in mind that this is a help topic and not a discussion topic.

Therefore I moved the posts with pictures of recipe cards to the topic that was already mentioned 2 times.
I’m sure you meant it kindly, but there’s no need for us to have a second topic here with pictures of recipe postcards.


Maybe, if you go that RR/tag with recipe cards, you could then go the profile page of these participants. Chances that they have recipe cards on their Sent wall are higher than randomly looking. These cards sometimes come in a book. And if their profile states they like recipe cards, it’ll be worthwhile to also check their wall of received cards and favourites.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Postcards that feature food! :fried_egg:

Thanks, I’m doing that now!

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Sounds good, except I tend to end up on other sites besides Postcrossing, where people are hosting pics of the cards. Thank you anyway, no bad ideas :+1:

My people, thanks!

Having said that, pics of food are ok, I just really like the ones w recipes on them as well :):smile:

Agree with keeping topics to a structured minimum. My topic title originally looked more like what you changed it to, but I wanted to be more inclusive.

I am more interested in how to find them on Postcrossing to fav.

Unfortunate there isn’t a way to include a category when sending, at least for this purpose. It would help connect Postcrossers even more I think.

Meanwhile, I got some great tips for finding recipe cards, thanks!

In this topic are a lot of recipe cards (not only photos of food) from the main page that you can favour, so you should take a look to it.

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Can I buy these books online?

From the Food thread, I noticed Jack Daniel’s and Elvis recipe cards, so I may hit those sites and see if they still sell those. Trying to remember the name of where Elvis lived in TN …. Graceland. None there. Found the Jack Daniel’s online but pricey.

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