Extremely long travel times

I’m a new Postcrosser and I am simply getting acquainted with the sort of ‘waiting game’ where my postcards have been sent, although I await a little too eagerly for the receive to be reported. For this reason I would like to ask everyone, what was the “Longest time…” you had waited for one of your cards “…to arrive”? Please post if you happen to relate or if you have experiences you wish to share.


I just signed up last month, but some of my initial 5 (to Russia and Kazakhstan specifically) are still traveling after 40 days, unfortunately!) For the most part I think they’re averaging 7-14 days for most countries, but 3 of my initial 5 cards seem to be the exception.


Oh wow, thanks for sharing Shelby. I’m actually complaining internally over one card onward to Brazil which is nearing 40 days as well :grin:


I’ve sent and received almost 50 cards - here are my Stats in case that’s helpful - look at the Avg numbers:

You may need a magnifying glass to read it - sorry about that!


Okay… 89 days on being sent to France, maybe this is an exception and something happened? Hmm, what is the difference :mag_right: between “Avg travel (Sent)” and “Avg travel (received)”?


Avg travel for cards that I sent and avg travel for cards I received.

France may have been a fluke - a card was sent and then expired so then I sent a second one. So probably the number there should be 25 or 28 days. That also happened with one card sent to Italy, but there there are two cards sent so it averages out to 55 and probably should be more like 30 if you took out the expired/re-sent card statistic. Otherwise the numbers are as they should be.

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Oh I see, this is interesting I kinda like that we have access to our stats for if we want we can always compare them with each others.

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Today I had a card to Russia registered on day 301.

Checking my stats, that was the third longest, I’ve also had cards take 319 and 335 days.


Alright, maybe we can set 335 as this topic’s record. Could you share a picture of your stats?

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There’s got to be someone out there with a 364 or 365 day card.


That’s interesting, thank you for sharing!


So far, the longest travel time for sent cards is 359 days, and the longest travel time for received cards is 246 days! The 359-day one was because the receiver’s account was closed, so Postcrossing automatically registered the card.


I see, so these are the actual records for us all here on :postcrossing: to this day.

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… I’ve a few that I keep hoping will arrive. I suspect some cards are taking side trips. Some are just lost. And some are probably caught up in the pandemic vortex.

China 2/Jun/2021 (expired) 77 days
Russia 22/Apr/2021 (expired) 118 days
US 15/Apr/2021 (expired) 125 days
Germany 16/Mar/2021 (expired) 155 days
US 16/Mar/2021 (expired) 155 days
France 6/Feb/2021 (expired) 193 days
Russia 23/Dec/2020 (expired) 238 days
China 9/Nov/2020 (expired) 282 days
Netherlands 6/Oct/2020 (expired) 316 days

I notice all are marked as expired, is this normal, does this occur often after a certain time?

I believe they automatically go to expired after 60 days, but I could be wrong. My understanding is they can still be registered for up to a year after the send date, but they don’t count as a sent card at that count in your total #.


Oh wow, thanks for sharing Shelby once again. I wasn’t knowledgeable about this and I think what you stated does make a lot of sense.

That’s right

When a card get registered after it has expired, it counts as sent.
Expired Cards means that you can draw a new address, because it freed up a place in your traveling limit.


This postcard sent by me took 86 days to travel less than 1000 km.


I have a card in my “sent” stats that traveled 364 days to Russia until it was registered:

One of my expired cards (to China) is close to “Postcrossing heaven”, 361 days traveling and only 4 days left…