Extra card to send on World Postcard Day

So, here’s my brilliant idea.

In 2020 I couldn’t send a card on World Postcard Day because I already had the full amount of cards travelling. So my idea is to allow everyone to participate in the day in future. If it is technically possible to do so, could the amount of cards you are allowed to send be increased by 1 just for the day itself (either for all or just for those whose allocation is maxed out).

That would allow everybody to participate - the current arrangement works against people who send as many cards as possible as soon as possible, and creates an incentive for people to hold back on sending the full amount of cards in September so as to leave space for them to send cards on 1 October. That is counterproductive, or as they sometimes say “non-goal-congruent”.

You’re welcome! Of course maybe this isn’t technically possible, so be it. Thanks to the managers and administrators of this great site.


I like this idea. :upside_down_face:


I like idea as well.


I know this is old but I like that too!


A plus one for me.

Motivation. Maybe many new users otherwise may safe up free slots for a month or so.
Then there are prior to World Postcard Day less postcards sent.


This is a great idea!


For Just The Ones that don’t save a Spot.that be really unfair!

I wanted to send Out as Soon As possible too. I was fairly New. ( signed up a few months ago. I think i could only have about 6 cards travelling only). But For that Reason i gave it a Break to do save As Many spots As possible.

The Frontpage of The official Side advertised weeks ahead to leave a Spot/spots free for that day. Its OK to do.


One extra Slot is nice.

Given Just to certain people is unfair.


It would be great to have an extra slot on World Postcard Day. It could be a temporary slot, only available to “claim” during the WPD, as postcardfan2019 said, then gone after if not claimed.
I’m one with not many slots and I always use them whenever they’re available. I’d probably forget to “save” one and miss the WPD due to not having slots…


Does anyone remember the time everyone got an extra slot before? It must have been for some kind of anniversary or milestone, but I cannot recall exactly. Anyway, it was a really long time ago - and it was chaos. When the extra card was registered, it didn’t free up a slot (naturally), but apparently people had already forgotten about this and were disappointed/mad about it. Getting an extra slot taken away is no fun, it feels like a step backwards.

Now I don’t really want to get into this discussion as I always have open slots and World Postcard Day doesn’t mean that much to me, but I still wanted to share my memories of the time we got an extra card to send and that it wasn’t 100 % positive, especially for the team who had to deal with all the angry and disappointed and confused messages of “Where did my slot go?!” and “Why can I send fewer cards now than before?”. :wink:


Maybe World Postcard Day can be the day, when slots becomes larger per 1- without turning back.


Hmm, a problem I see here is that some people already have the max number, 100. Would they get an extra as well or stay at 100?


They can get a possibility but make their own decision, use it or not.

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But why can’t people just save a slot if it is important to them?
I was surprised about it last year because even if I had vaguely heard of the day, I didn’t think that many people would go out of their way to send on that day (I also remember the time zones creating problems and some people ended up with the wrong day because it was the right day in their time zone but Postcrossing hadn’t switched to the next day yet. So if there is an extra slot, how long does it last? In which time zone?).


I don’t see the need for an extra slot either. If it is so important for someone to send a postcard on this particular day (or any other), just save yourself a free slot.


Last year was my first World Postcard Day, and I hadn’t learned yet to wait. I am always maxed out (because I’m an addict!) This is a FANTASTIC idea! (I’ll be holding a spot this year, just in case!)


Maybe instead of an extra slot, one month before World PC Day an email remind can be sent reminding everyone to leave a space free to send a card that day.


I think i that was even the Case…

Also It was reeeeealy easy to See It on The Front Page.

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…me again…i Just checked. Exactly 1 month before i Got The information via e-mail. Monthly stats.
And in addition to that 4 days ahead of The day a reminder. If a Card was Just sent to a Close place that might even make it in time ifff one Had forgotten to save a Slot before :slight_smile:


The increase would be temporary, if you had 100 travelling postcards, you would be able to send another one and have 101 travelling postcards.