Expired Postcards

My card to ghostcrosser was automatically registred by postcrossing.
The account was closed. Can I say hurrayyy…?

Maybe he Was inactive due to moving etc? Postcrossing will only give you the address of someone who was active in the last 30 days.

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Do you reckon we’re still getting impacted? I joined in December and my cards are taking forever. I’ve got two expired and two to Asia that look like they’ll expire too. I’m so surprised how long it has taken to get to Asia from Australia. It’s sucking the fun out of doing this, hence why I did a lottery the other week. Might have to do another one. Or maybe change my options to select sending/receiving cards to my own country.

These are my travelling cards at the moment.

I’m having same issue with Australia post. I sent a card to a friend which took 4 months. Received one in postcrossing which arrived after almost 3 months… So i think, maybe the key to australia <> asia exchange is to be patient and hope for the best :sweat_smile:

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Looks like you’ve used sort of fountain pen, have you? Maybe it was water-soluble.
It might have been very bad luck, the card gotten wet, and address is unreadable.
I have received a card where my address is written with dry ink pen, and the message with water soluble pen, and I can’t read anything from the message, but the address is still good.
Therefore, I always try to write at least the address with water proof pen. (Even though the mail normally is not openly in the weather, but something can happen.)

I feel so sorry for you, the card looks really cool!

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Absolutely still being impacted. Prior to COVID I rarely had an expired postcard. Since COVID I always have at least a few expired at any one time. Postcards seem to be taking generally longer to arrive anywhere in the world from Australia and it seems they arrive in countries in bunches. For example all of a sudden a group of postcards will arrive in Germany or the USA.

Thank you for your Idea. It’s written with two fountain pens :writing_hand:, that is true! I will keep your Tipp in mind. Thank you for your lovely words about my card. :slightly_smiling_face:

Due to this covid situation, I think that all postcards sent since the end of 2019 should have at 2 years to be registered.


If you use a fountain pen
Use either waterproof ink or wait till the ink and wax it over

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Awwww, great advice! I will try the wax tipp for sure! :bulb: :astonished: @hexyr , thank you so much.

For the life of me I can’t think of the name of a product they make that works like wax. But I find wax works just as well and cheaper

I also use any water proof ink that is not Noodlers

Maybe it’s a kind of micro glaze? :eyes: :eyes:

Happy to report that my postcard to Russia was registered after 103 days travelling.


You should also avoid to write the ID near the address.
I’ve never had any problems when I did every now and then but some members said they had problems like missent or delayed cards because the postal services mixed it up with country or zip code.

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My very first card that i wrote expired too. It’s a pity, but the receiver wasn’t online since I’ve drawn her address (over 3 months ago) and she registered her last received card in July 2020.

Hello everyone :wave: I hope everyone ok :slight_smile: I have a question. I sent a postcard 55 days ago. I know 60 days is a expiring time. What will happen if my postcard will not be received after 5 days later?

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Welcome back @TheAlonePassenger

After 60 days your card is expired and you can draw a new address.
But the card is furthermore in your traveling list and the recipient can register it if it receive later.
After 1 year the card will be deleted from the system and it is no longer to register.

You can read here about it and I recommend you to read this to learn more about postcrossing.


Why is there a 1 year limit? I understand the 60 day expired trigger, but cannot conceive of why a card that was sent and then later actually received could not be logged as such on day 366 or any day thereafter. What is the advantage in not allowing these cards to be registered? Fully acknowledge that few cards are likely to fall into this category, so this is likely a minor issue, but it would be nice to understand the reasoning behind such a prohibition.

To me the card that eventually arrives no matter how long it took, is a very interesting part of this hobby. That card has some sort of amazing story, we may never know what that story is, but I don’t understand why you would not want us to celebrate it.


Could it be that the system would eventually clog up if all lost postcards stayed live forever? I assumed that the details were archived, as I understand that if you contact admin with the ID they can retrieve the senders details somehow - so you can send a thank you.

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