Postcards that you can't register (traveling for over one year)

As others have already answered your question, let me just say, what a cute card! I definitely would like to see it on your wall and favorite it. It made me smile :blush:


This afternoon, I was registering the cards that I picked up at the post office. One card though…I got an error message after each attempt to register it. I double & triple checked the ID and everything seemed fine. Then I looked at the message Postcrossing flashed at the top:

Sorry, but RU-XXXXXX was sent over 1 year ago and can no longer be registered.

I am sure this has happened before, but I found this a unique experience.

One of mine came after 181 days…
From Germany, I think.

Oh yesssss, this card is really cute!

I just received a card sent July 2019! It was sooo weird when i got the error message! almost 2 years ago… still it found its way!!


Yes, I agree! Love that card!

I have a question about this, but what is the reason that postcards expire after one year? I understand 60 days to “expire” and send a new one, but I wonder about the 1-year register expiration.

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Talking about “expiration time” what do you think of extending the period, as during these Covid times many countries are struggling with mail distribution? Just so the users can have the postcard at their walls. Or at least contact each other for a thank you message without disturbing admin people

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I have the same question, I have never understood why postcards “expire.” I get the idea of allowing the sender to send a new card after 60 days, but I do not at all understand why a card cannot be registered when received no matter how long it has been in transit. These are the heroic cards that have survived and incredible journey, they should be celebrated!


Please refer to paulo answer in this link

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Thanks for linking Paulo’s answer. I just wonder about the reason for this 1-year expiration though, it doesn’t really state it there…


This is primarily for a very practical reason. If we never deleted (traveling) postcards at some point, we would by now have millions of postcards on our database that most likely were never sent in the first place, so with no useful purpose. Some of those would be sitting there for 15 years now! We run things on a tight budget (as access to the project is free), so removing unnecessary data to keep things as light as possible is simply a good practice.

“Millions of postcards” may sound like I’m overstating it, but it is not wrong. Besides the ocasional expired postcards that we know to expect (for whatever reason), a large portion of expired postcards in the database are those that were never sent by well intentioned new members who joined Postcrossing but end up never participating. Like most websites, creating a Postcrossing account is fairly easy, but unlike most websites where you participate by clicking away, in Postcrossing one has to go out and buy a postcard, write it and post it — and that gets a lot of people lost in that process of actually getting started in Postcrossing.

And sure, there is the ocasional postcard that actually gets to the destination after 1 year, but those are so odd that that’s why we end up hearing about them. But in practice, they are fairly uncommon and don’t justify that we keep millions more on the database virtually forever, “just in case”. One may say that 2 years would be better, but I’m also sure someone will find a handful of postcards that arrived several years later and ask for more…

Ultimately, there needs to be a limit somewhere that can cover the vast majority of the cases. In my opinion, one year is already a very generous period for a postcard to arrive while being a good balance for us to not have a bloated database.


Today, one of my postcards arrived to its destination, China, more than one year later. It’s recipient tried to register it and, obviously, got a message saying that it couldn’t be done. However, he has been so kind of sending me a private Hurray message thanking the postcard.
I obviously wish it could be registered, but I understand the reasons why there is a time limit and I agreed to it when I opened my account after reading everything. But I must say that I’ve really appreciated that message. More than an usual hurray message, actually.

So, I come here to ask you all to try to contact the sender whenever you receive a forever lost from the database postcard, for you’ll make someone’s day.



Received one from ID travelling 17 month.

Card written 8 month after address was given out. Card posted 5 month later…

It was due to covid. I understand. If you can not go to the postoffice or you have serial funerals a postcard is not the most urgent thing.

@PatriciaOH I contacted the sender to say thank you and good luck and health. That is what we can do at least.


My first expired card (to the USA) is now almost a year in transit. I have given up hope of it ever being delivered. What happens after the 12-month mark? Does it simply “fall off the page” and disappear from the system?

If a card is registered beyond 365 days (assuming this process is possible), are you notified of the delivery? Does it count towards your “sent” total?

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yes, it “falls off the page” and disappears from the system.
It is not possible to register a card after 365 days.


If the other user closes their account and your sent card is out there, Postcrossing automatically registers the postcard. Cards more than a year old …sayonara unfortunately.

You pour yourself a beverage of your choosing and make a toast to the fallen postcard. :tumbler_glass: (Pour a little on the ground in its honor.)

One of my cards is approaching its expiriversary, too–we’ll toast them together. :beers:


If you took a picture of the card for uploading it, you could post it in this thread to make it unforgettable. :blush:

I just had a look at my traveling cards - one will expire in 5 days forever. I’ll join too. :beers:


The other day I got such a card and the website immediately came up with a link to the profile of the sender, so that I could write a private message to her. I did.

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