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Hello fellow Polish Postcrosser,

at the Moment I’m doing my vacation in Poland and want to write some postcards. Before I went to the nearest post office I used the forum to check out how much postage I’ve to use.

Europa: 10 Zloty
Others like the U.S.A.: 11 Zloty

This in mind I went to buy stamps in the P.O. The post woman there gave me stamps for 6&4 Zloty to use them in combination. I ask her if it’s ok for U.S.A. too and she said: “Yes, for all.”

Now I’m a little bit confused. Are 10 Zloty enough for sending a card to the U.S.A.?
And what’s about Russia? Is Polish Post sending mail to Russia at the moment?

Thanks in advance for helping me out and answering my questions.

Tschau, Rainer!

Hi Rainer @Bluecapricorn

The post office lady was wrong, there is indeed a difference in price depending on the location you are sending to. It used to be one price for all but it changed on December 1st, 2023, with the price rise. My post office lady (she has known me for years, and we often discuss Postcrossing) also made sure I knew about the geographical differences when selling me stamps right after the price change.

Here you can see the postage calculator of the Polish Post: price calculator - I am linking directly to the international letter - there is no separate price for postcards, and all international items are automatically priority mail. The website is in Polish but the names of the continents are similar.

As for Russia, no, Polish Post is not sending to Russia since April (?) 2022.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask or PM me directly.

Hello Polish postcrossers.
This is Marta from Portugal and in a few days I’ll be in Poland with my friend Susana, who is also a postcrosser.
I’ve just created an event in the Polish Postcrossing group in FB to invite postcrossers to a meeting in Warsaw.
On june 19 we’ll be travelling from Malbork and our train arrives at 17.40. After checking-in in our hostel we would like to meet someone. There’s this square, Plac Jana Henryka Dabrowskiego, in front of the hostel, where we can meet and from there walk to the Old Town, find a nice place to talk and eat something.
If this sounds a good plan to you, we would love to meet you there :slight_smile:


I’ll be working till 7 p.m. - but I could join you at around 8 p.m.