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Hello Everyone!

This thread is for all of you who do not speak Polish but would like to get in touch with the community, swap cards with us, ask for sth, or just say hello.

Welcome to the Polish community!


Dzień dobry!
I have some art cards from Poland. It is printed on the back - KIER Art Cards. Could anybody tell me if there is a website of it or online shop? I googled, but didn’t found anything…

Hi @postcrossing-girl,

Welcome to the Polish Corner.

As to your question. This must be a name of a small print-shop or a similar that does not even have a website. I could not find anything on google and duckduckgo.

By the way, the world kier means hearts (one of the four suits in playing cards).


Hello, I found this website:
Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for and I think they don’t sell online. :thinking:

I think you mean this company: https://www.kier.krakow.pl/
but I don’t thing they have on-line shop

Dziękuję bardzo!

Maybe someone from Poland have some art cards of this edition or any other, I will be glad to swap!

Poland recently issued or will soon issue some very nice stamps that I am looking for for my collection (used as postage on a view card). Maybe someone can help me? I am looking for the three Dinosaurs, Beethoven and the Year of the Ox. I am sure that I can find something to send you in return. :smiley:

Also I hope to get these postmarks from Wrocław on postcards.

Hi @dustin15, do you mean stamps?

yes, forgot the word. :see_no_evil: :joy:

I received this card with a Polish ID today but I’m confused by the stamp and postmark. Can someone explain what is republika łukowska? Is it just a geographic area in Poland? I thought Polish stamps said Polska. Thanks!!

This is really strange, I can’t find anything in Google about “Republika Łukowska”.

The stamp is not a real Polish stamp and neither is the postmark. This card has not been sent via the Polish postal system, so far as I can tell. It might have been sent using this forwarding service to Germany and processed by German post. These mail items do not get any stamps from Germany, I believe, it’s all paid in bulk by the forwarding company, and postcrossers using the service will sometimes add small denomination or used stamps for the card to have any stamp at all. This one here is someone’s personal creation.

In any case, Łuków is a town in eastern Poland (łukowski/łukowska is the masculine/feminine adjective), in Lublin voivodeship but I haven’t heard or found anything about “Republika Łukowska”. Maybe other members will have more insight…

Hi @darkestperu, it looks like a sticker. There was no Republika Łukowska.

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if this is a valid stamp. It doesn’t have a value on it (or “Polska”), but it is not a sticker. It looks like the “attachments” that are sometines on the sides of stamps and can be used alongside them. I can’t really tell if the postmark is legit or not either - if I understand correctly, a “fake” cancelation mark could be a sign that the sender used a forwarding service?

It wasn’t on an official postcrossing card so it’s not a question of whether to report or not, simply one of curiosity.

I think person who send to you postcard should stick two stamps. It’s combined

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@siobhan, this part is not a stamp at all. It’s called przywieszka, an additional picture related to the stamp but with no postage value.

Polish Post often issues these stamps with a side picture, @KimKajtek posted the whole souvenir sheet above where your przywieszka comes from.

Thank you very much, both of you - so it is what I suspected.

Can you tell if the postmark is from the Polish post or just a good-looking private rubber stamp?

The postmark is a bit more tricky - but it doesn’t look like a normal one.

The “P.K.P.” on top seems to be the abbreviation for Polskie Koleje Państwowe, Polish Railways. Then we have Kamieńsk Wałbrzyski, which could be the town but wikipedia says Kamieńsk is actually a borough of another city, so it’s impossible for it to have its own postmark. An then I think I also see the word “kasa” which would be the window where you buy railway tickets… So it looks like a cancellation of some kind from a railway stop?

It’s not the usual way how the railway cancels the tickets of passengers, though.

How confusing! But thank you very much for your detailed explanation! I guess it is possible that this card was sent using a forwarding service then, if it is not properly canceled. That would make me feel better about it. :wink:

Hi @siobhan, @delenn_mir, @KimKajtek,

it is a problem of the design. I saw similar stamps in Germany, but both sides were valid stamps. The Polish edition, although beautiful, might be confusing for older people or people that have sight problem. I myself without glasses could easily use the wrong side.


I’m thinking like @siobhan, that this card was sent with the forwarding service of Napisz Kartkę, since it seems it didn’t go through normal postal traffic (the unusual “cancellation”). Postcrossers who use the service, will sometimes add low value stamps or cancelled stamps or maybe the no-value part of the stamp, too, to make their card look nicer, as the German Post doesn’t add their own stamps.

As for the stamps themselves, they are not easily obtainable at a regular post office (or any other issues with that design, and Polish Post usually has a few like these every year), I rather think they were ordered online and the sender knew what they were using. But like I said, personally, I think it was done to make the card look nicer, not to cheat.

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