Do you send postcards as a form of self-expression?

Do you send postcards as a form of self-expression?
I made some inspired by The Phantom comic hero, as I am a fan. I have also sent cards printed from my photography, or made from grocery boxes (fave products).


Yes, but mine is expressed through the decorations I do at the back of the postcard, and the writing. :two_hearts:


Yes and it’s part of the joy!!!

Yes, most of my cards are designed using photos I’ve taken with some added design on the back. I have them printed professionally through Zazzle. It’s my creative outlet


I would say yes! The images are often suited more to the other person’s profile, but what I write and how I decorate is definitely “me” :smiley:


Absolutely! I honestly think I get more out of the cards I send than the recipients do sometimes! Lol

Everything from making the card choice, decorations, stamps and even the written content. I have even sent some hand painted cards and cards printed of my own photos….

It’s the whole process. :heart:


well played

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Those cards are beautiful. My favourite is the last card with the cat outline.

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Thank you :blush:

Dear all who love creating / crafting & expressing themselves through postcards, in the forum there is a huge variety of tags, round robins and other opportunities to send and receive handmade postcards of different materials, techniques, subjects. And of course a lot of inspiration to look at, tipps & tutorials…

Please check the link - there is lots of topics to explore:


I made some of my photos into cards. This may be my favorite …


I actually joined Postcrossing to make handmade cards as self-expression and then found not everyone wants handmade. I know, people can state preference, but I can still send whatever, but I now save handmade for people who state they enjoy them or at least don’t state that they don’t want handmade.

But sending commercial cards is self-expression to me, too. When I buy regional cards, I gravitate more towards landscapes I love or places that are meaningful to me or I may just send cards that suit my mood or feel like a response to their profile.

Because that’s kinda my favorite thing about Postcrossing. Here is a random stranger who tells me a little about them and I tell them a little about me.


I enjoy making mixed media collage postcards as self expression. I use the postcrossers profile to make the postcard personalize for them. I will say that I only send them to people who specifically say that handmade postcards are desirable/acceptable. It take quite a bit of time to put a single postcard together and although I love the creative process, I don’t want to “waste” it on someone who prefers to not receive handmade postcards


Absolutely! What we choose to write and how we choose to decorate are both self expression. I will share some of my older envelopes as I do not want to show off the newest cards that are still traveling…


Correct, I now see Postcrossing as a kind of a mood board, with the pinwand, too.