Do people like meetup cards?

So I’m going to participate in my first meetup soon and I’m wondering if people like to receive meetup cards. I’ve noticed that some people even wish them on their profiles.


Some do, some don’t - as with every type of card, really. :wink:

Personally I am not a fan of getting a card with lots of rubber stamps, name stickers and squiggly signatures where often I can’t even tell which one of them is the sender. I’d much rather read a proper message or at least a few words of greeting. But, as you already noticed, there are a number of people who really like these cards, so most likely I’m part of a minority. So just go ahead and send them, if you like.


It is complicate. Sometimes it is super fun to see where people met up, but sometimes it feels like there was a party you were not invited in but still got the thanks for the party card (I know, bit badly explained). Personally I am in between of liking the different meetup designs people came up with… and hoping that there would be just bit more text than list of names of people I don’t know (tbh, I have never understood the everybody signs the cards thing but then again I have never been at meetup). Would love to see meetup cards coming with more story like why did they meetup? What they did? Where they went? Was it fun or just meh? Did you make friends… or enemies??? Found out your aunt is secretly Postcrosser too and just happened to travel 150 km to attend the same meeting you are in? End up in jail? Never been in meetup, no idea how wild those gets.


Absolutely agree with this statement. And some only like specific ones :wink: I always draw some addresses before and when the recipient either state liking meetup cards or the theme of the card, I’m going to send one. For those profiles I don’t get the feeling they would enjoy it, I will send another card :woman_shrugging:t2:


i am glad you will take part of your first meetup. not all of them are run the same, just try to enjoy meeting other postcrossers. and remember that you are sending cards - its your choice what to send. there are some that think the world evolves around them - but the main idea of postcrossing is to send and receive postcards from strangers around the world. if you think a meetup card is something meaningful to you, send a meetup card. i enjoy receiving every card i do receive - a gift from a stranger! enjoy your meetup and take precautions to protect yourself.


I never received any and would actually love to. I think they are really nice an unique. But never asked for them particularly except once recently…


i’ve received a few meet up cards and personally i am not a fan. i care a lot about the writing part of the card and a bunch of names, most of the time not even written but just (i call it lazily) stamped, is not doing it for me. also i have absolutely no idea who the card is from.

i love some of the designs though. recently i got two from a cat day meet-up (i think they might’ve been from the same meeting but i have no clue), they are super cute and hanging on my postcard door.
so i don’t mind receiving them but i’m not a fan because i care a lot about the message part.

my mind is going some crazy places right now :joy: but i agree, i would love to read those stories. i don’t think i’ve ever received a card where someone told about a meeting. makes me curious. and now i’m wondering. are you allowed to take meeting cards to your home and write them there or are they specifically for everyone to sign at the meeting?


Maybe it depends, but I’m used to getting the cards upfront and preparing them at home (adding stamps, address and a small greeting, too), so I have more time for chatting at the meet up. And I often have some blank cards and some stamped / signed cards left over, which I will take back home for later usage.

Personally I’m not a fan of meet-up cards though. Many designs do not attract me, but I don’t mind all those signatures and username stamps. It’s so interesting to see them (ever compared a German meet up card with a Chinese or Japanese one? There are different trends with the ID stamps… I love to recognise those details)… but I prefer to get them on a normal view card :blush:


I actually love all the signatures and name stamps on the back of meetup cards! :relaxed:

Then again, I just enjoy reading lists of names. I’m one of those weirdos who stays to watch all the credits at the end of a movie.

I do like the idea of writing a little about the meeting, though–where you met, what kind of snacks you ate, how you ended up in jail together, etc.


I have received one meetup card so far. It was a special design for the meetup (and very nice one) and the person wrote a normal message on the back telling me about the meetup. I liked it and I felt like being part of the party to use @Kompis-Ninna example. But I think if it was just signatures like others experienced I wouldn’t like it that much.


I do! Knowing people met and had fun taking about my favorite hobby makes me happy for them. And you receive an original postcard, some of them are works of art! You can send me one anytime :smiley:

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Hi, there are a lot of people who like postcards from meetings. I say this because I am one of the organizers of such meetings. I like such postcards, as they express a story or a holiday in a certain city or country. You will not buy such postcards in the store, they are exclusive. Since they are printed only 1 time and are not repeated anymore. People have a good time, communicate and sign your card. If they sign the article every time, the meeting will take a week. I just love these postcards and am always happy to receive them. If you want, we can exchange with you. Just write to me in the bos:)


So far, I’ve received nice feedback when I sent meetup cards. Some people had no idea what a meetup was and were happy to learn about it. Others wrote back that they recognized some names. (For that reason, I prefer stamps over signatures - they are legible!)
As mentioned by @Cassiopheia , I try to get a feeling from the profile if the recipient would like it - for example, if the meeting card is designed like a viewcard, often people who want to receive viewcards like it. For official cards I always add a message, too.


I would be happy with any postcard–but a meet up postcard would not be on my list of “oh, I want one of those”.


Me too! I have 2 of them and was delighted to see them in the mail; one was from the Aland islands - it was like Christmas morning getting this card.

Asking for one or trading for it, but not sending one when you draw an official address

I don’t love them because I prefer viewcards to illustrations, but I don’t hate them.

I’ve been going to meetups since I’ve been in Singapore. I always leave space to write a few lines, even just a quick greeting, as I do find it weird if it’s only signatures. I cover part of the card with half a post it so people will sign around it. They usually think I’m weird :joy: I’ve seen people do the post it thing to leave space for special cancellations and whatnot, but I don’t care for those either. I always keep some blank to send like normal cards. I send them as officials if I get a profile who doesn’t seem to mind.

I agree that as everything, some love them and some hate them, but they do seem very popular, especially when the design is nice.


I am not a fan either but I do not mind receiving them. I just welcome all kinds of postcards.

For me, the main reason for exchanging postcards is to exchange a story. I would love to hear about the meetup (preferably that instead of just receiving a group of signatures and rubber stamps) though. Did anything interesting happen during the meetup? What was the occasion for that meetup?

Personally, I really value that blank space in postcards - I like to hear from you, your story or anything you might want to talk about. If you are frustrated, write about it. If you think the weather was chilly today, write about it. I am a curious child, tell me anything.

I have yet to attend a Postcrossing meetup too - and by attending, I meant buying a stack of the designated Postcrossing Meetup card, and meet up at a local cafe… then we engage in stamping away initials at the back of the card. That’s what I observed from most meetups here. I did find myself signing away postcards because I ran into some of the local postcrossers during the various meetups. I am an extrovert; I would prefer to talk about Postcrossing with people who are into the same hobby instead of just gathering by the table and just sign/stamp away at the back of the card like a supply chain.

And yes, if the Postcrossing meetup is all about chatting and gushing about the things you love and appreciating a nice cup of tea/coffee. Or just incessantly talking about curious rabbit holes we may unconsciously dig along the way… Please let me know about this and I will be gleefully there in a jiffy.

It could be just me. I am weird too, I guess.


That’s quite exactly what I was going to say :slight_smile:


I really like some - beautiful - meeting cards. Preferably the ones with photos, no drawings/paintings, but some of those are nice too, in my mind.

I like to see who met up and whom do I know.

I like lovely decorations and special stamps and wonderful postmarks. That’s more important to me, than the text.

If the meeting-card comes as an official card from someone I’ll never have contact with (except, when registering the card) again, the text would be even less important to me!

When I got my first card from a virtual meeting I was amazed how orderly the card was stamped with everyone’s (nickname) stamp! :laughing: