Disable logins on the old forum

If you are a @Forum-Veteran that had an account on the old forum, then this news may be relevant for you, so please read on.

We migrated to this new forum about 1,5 years ago and we kept the old forum running (in read-only mode) since it has over a decade of content and Postcrossing history in it. We still have no plans to change this.

However, there are very few visits and people sign-in in there. While keeping it running has very little (financial) costs due to the low usage, it still remains a concern to Postcrossing that there’s private data forgotten in there on a piece of software that hasn’t been updated for many years now, and for which we are legally responsible for. The private data in there are primarily email addresses, (encrypted) passwords, and the U2U’s between members. At this point, a large part of the accounts in the database belong to members who are no longer around, or that don’t remember their login credentials, or don’t even remember anymore that they created an account in there at some point.

Considering how few people login in the old forum these days, we are going to disable the login on the old forum so that we can then permanently remove all private data from the forum database, namely emails, passwords and U2U’s (which can’t be accessed once we disable the login).

The existing threads/posts will continue to be visible without a login as it is now, so that will not change. What is already public today (without login) will continue visible.

We are going to disable the logins (and remove the private data) in early November. There will be a notice on the old forum about this change until then. If you still have something in the U2U’s on the old forum that you wish to keep a copy of and haven’t done so yet, please don’t leave it for later: once deleted it can’t be recovered anymore.

To end, just to be clear, we have no plans to shutdown the old forum and we hope to continue running it (in ready-only mode) for as long it is reasonably feasible for us to do it.

If you have any doubts about this, please let us know.


Hello Paulo -

We maintain galleries on what I believe is the old forum (Handmade RR) and I just wanted to verify that they still will be accessible. Thanks!

Do you mean this thread in the old forum? Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - Handmade RR
Or this old and closed topic in the new forum? https://community.postcrossing.com/t/handmade-rr/2058


Forum Veteran here. Sounds like a sound plan. I am continually impressed with Paulo and the team and how they are ever making Postcrossing a better experience. This truly is a new Golden Age of the Postcard hobby!


Hi,i’m not looking in the old Forum,only using the new one. Greetings from a sunny Vienna

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I hardly ever visit the old forum and have sent u2u’s to my mailaddress long tine ago. Thank you for informing us and for all the amazing work you do


what is u2u?

Private messages. I’ve always thought it should be me2u :smiley:


Paulo, my data can be deleted. Thank you .

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I look up things now and again in the old forum but I don’t need to log in for that. Thank you that we can still have access to it! :smiley: And deleting the old sensitive data is probably a good idea.


I moved all my U2Us to my email when we were informed the first time around. So, I don’t use the old forum for anything anymore.

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Hello Paulo, thanks for the notification, I don’t use the old forum anymore so happy for you to delete my data, thanks :grin:

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Hi, thank you for kindly announce. I don’t visit old forum. Please delete my date.

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I think U2U here means user to user (communication between 2 users) instead of you to you. CMIIW :blossom:


Hello, Paulo, thank you for kindness and what you do to keep this wonderful postcrossing world.


I thought it was spelled Pauoulo!


Thank you for the early notification, and especially for the transparency and openness to all members! :blush:

It makes sense to delete the personal data slumbering particularly in the U2Us.


:smiling_face_with_tear: im glad i was active in the old forum :heart: