Delivered in person

Yesterday I received a postcrossing postcard without a stamp. On the place where the stamp should be was written: delivered in person.
How would you feel about that? :thinking:

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It’s somewhat creepy :see_no_evil:

I know that Postcrossing wants to prevent it with not giving an address in the same city and not even the same country while in travel mode.


that would make me feel really uncomfortable. and i don’t believe you’re saving on stamp money when driving to another town so. why.


It was not the same country but I live very close to the dutch border.

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Unless you cycle, or maybe they had to be in the neighbourhood, who knows…


I just wanted to give that addition as they try to minimalize the chance of this happening. But sometimes cities are really close to each other… :see_no_evil: I certainly wouldn’t like it (unless I already know the sender in person!)

I have to admit I also had mixed feelings :wink:

Let me guess a situation. (Just for fun) :rofl:

The sender is going to have a dinner in your neighborhood. Then the sender thinks, it is quicker, safer and cheaper to send the card by myself. Wow, so many advantages! Let’s do it.

Then deliver In person happened.


I can understand where it can be unnerving. We do take on risk providing our addresses to strangers. But we also do in person Meet-Ups with the people were swapping. However, in person delivery is not the idea behind PostCrossing. If you find yourself still feeling unsettled, please contact the admins. This is a safe place and you should feel safe with every interaction.


I have mixed feelings because I am bit of paranoid about letting people online to know exactly where I live (the map on my profile is not pointing to my home town, btw), but at the same time I have absolutely no problem to explain people in real life where I live, so if I got “delivered in person” mail I would probably mostly be just very confused why they didn’t stay for coffee after making such a long tour to the backwoods just to deliver a card.


Well I think I would have mixed feelings too, as I feel mixed giving my address to people unknown to me.
I think it’s a good idea to contact the admins.
Though it can be (and to me it’s more likely) done without any harmful thought. So I think there was somebody absolutely unaware what he/she could cause in you.


I would feel weird about it, myself.

Interestingly this is hard to do in the US. A lot of us have community/tenant mail boxes these days, and even if you have a traditional box, it’s supposed to be for US Mail only. So someone would have to actually leave it at your door.

YUPPP who knows, its maybe your secret admirer :laughing:

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Personaly, I would also feel very weird. To prevent these situations Postcrossing should have a rule " delivered in prson isn’t allowed"

From a senders point of view I feel that it makes the card much more special, if I know Im going some place and then by accident drawing a postcard from that location. I will feel quite compelled to deliver by hand, but then again, you would find a long letter attached to it explaining my excitement to this very rare coincidence. (Though I would have put up the stamp, without a stamp the postcard feels a little barefoot?) But I totally get why this could seem real creepy!


Its illegal in the US to put anything in a persons mailbox that has not been delivered by the United States postal service.

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Seriously? :flushed: :exploding_head: Why is that?

Edit: Okay, so I just found this:

But do USPS supply people with the mailbox, so it would be their property? Here, we have to buy our own mailbox if we buy/build a house (or they come with the flat and belong to the landlord), so there’s no way there could be a legislation that would prevent other people than Deutsche Post using it to drop things off.


That’d be perfectly fine with me.
Pretty cool actually :slight_smile:

Only, of course, you shouldn’t do this if the adressee points out on her/his profile that she/he likes stamps…


I don’t know why the USPS has that rule. I don’t know if they would take anything out that didn’t go through the postal system. I would imagine most carriers would say they’re too busy to look at any piece in the box.
And yes, homes have to have their own mailbox. And it has to fit specific requirements.

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well technically it does say you need to put a stamp on your card i think?

if someone knocked on my door to deliver a card and then also invited themselves for a coffee i would get slightly worried :joy: