DEC 10, 2022 - Boston area meet up! (and optional postage stamp swap)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Boston area, Massachusetts, USA
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Porter Square Marketplace (Porter Square Books and then Panera), White Street, Cambridge, MA, USA
DATE: December 10, 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:30AM-1:30PM EST
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

At 11:30AM EST let’s meet at Porter Square Books which is a cute local bookshop. They sell some Boston/Cambridge postcards ($1.50 each) and greeting cards as well as some other fun things like journals, funky socks, magnets, bookmarks, and of course - books.

At 12 Noon we will move over to Panera which is a couple doors down in the same Marketplace. There is the main floor and also a downstairs. The downstairs has a table for 8 as well as some other seating. Downstairs area would be best for the group as the upstairs is a little bit more divided. We will sign postcards, talk about postcards, swap postcards and everything postcards. Bring your good cheer, postcards, pens, markers, washi, stickers, etc. While this event is free, we will be meeting in a place that sells food so please consider purchasing a food or beverage.

Yes, is one! @sarahaeyo designed this for us (image in comments below). Thank you Sarah. Please reach out to Sarah about how many postcards you would like to purchase.

This is COMPLETELY optional. I love different stamps and using different stamps on my postcards. If you want to participate - take an envelope and add unused stamps in the amount of $6-7. It doesn’t matter about the denomination of each stamp as long as no individual stamp is more than the international postcard stamp. (so no $2 or $5 stamps, etc). You can do 10 forever stamps, 5 international postcard stamps, a bunch of 5 cent stamps, or a combo of anything in between as long as the total is $6-7. You can pick the same design or different designs. Take these stamps and put them in an envelope and seal the envelope. After we sign cards, we will do a yankee swap kind of thing where we will put our envelopes in a pile and use a random generator to figure out the order in which we pick envelopes. Once each participant selects their envelope we will open our envelopes at the same time and marvel about how awesome our new stamps are.

There is a parking lot right at the Marketplace. It is 2 hour parking. (I, personally, have parked my car there for 3 or 4 hours and haven’t had a problem, but they could be more strict around the holidays.) There is also 2 hour parking on Elm Street. Porter Square also has the Red Line and the Fitchburg Commuter Rail. Inbound has a train arriving at 11:27AM and outbound has a train arriving at 12Noon. The Marketplace is on Mass Ave so plenty of bus lines as well.

There are several shops there that may be of interest to you besides Porter Square Books - Michaels, Cambridge Naturals, Shaws, Tag Hardware, CVS, and others. So your fun doesn’t have to end after the meet up.

There is a blue post box right by Porter Square Books and Michaels so we can mail all our wonderful cards after the meet up.

Hope to see you there!


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Tagging people who I saw post in the 8/27 meet up. Please share with anyone I have missed who may be interested.


Ooooh Twinsies! 10 December 2022 - [CHILE] Santiago Meetup in December!


Perfect - it’s close to my parents’ so that works great for me! I will endeavor to come. Going in my calendar today.


Porter Square Books is a gem, and I love this stamp swap idea! I plan to be there.


…and we have a meet-up card (featuring harvard’s iconic memorial hall)! :snowflake: please let me know how many each person wants~

i will try to make sure that we have extras for everyone who attends but letting me know before hand allows me to more accurately gauge how many cards to order.


tagging other new england postcrossers:

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Hi Everyone.

Sounds like a lot of fun – especially the Yankee Swap idea. I’ll be there :grinning: .



Thanks for the invite!

I will keep it mind and will let you know sooner. I’d have to take the train in.

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I’d love to attend as long as my health holds up! This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for organizing!

@snailmail_ashcubes - message me with your location. Maybe we could drive in together?


Thank you so much @sarahaeyo ! It looks great. I will buy 20. I have recently become obsessed with trading for meet up cards on instagram. This should hold me over. Haha

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Thanks for the invite. I think my husband & I can make it. He’s a postcrosser too.

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I would like 15 please. Let me know how much they are. Thanks so much!


Sounds like fun! I hope to make it! :smiley:


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Hello please put me down for 15 meet up cards! Thank you!!


Hi everyone, I would love to exchange this postcard from Cambridge meetup, I have some of the Italian meetups and I also have other generic postcards.
If you want, send me a PM :smiley:

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First off - thanks so much for the interest in this meet up! I am excited to see you all!

Second thing - GREAT NEWS! There is a post office open until 2pm on Saturdays a 2 minute walk from Panera! 1953 Mass Ave, Cambridge. So if you wanted to get the hand cancelation or buy stamps or whatever else, you can do that! :slight_smile:

Third - I will be on vacation to Mexico starting 11/16 and returning on Thanksgiving. I will be checking postcrossing here and there so please be a bit patient if you have a question about the meet up. I may not be able to get to it right away.

Take care - KristenCat


Thanks for inviting me, but we now live in Upstate NY! Hope to be a part of your future swaps!!

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@Sashamuffy ahhh sorry ~ i hope the move went well! :two_hearts:

card were ordered yesterday (and shipped this morning!)~ will update the group when they arrive! :love_letter:

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Hello :slight_smile: I’d like to ask you it is possible to swap this card after meeting? I am from Poland. Best, Joanna