DC-Virginia-MD Meetup on July 18 at 11 am

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Wash. DC / No. Virginia
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: King St. Metro, Alexandria VA
:calendar: DATE: July 18, 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Local Postcrossers and enthusiasts will be meeting up outside the King St. Metro (Blue Line), in front of the Joe Theismann Restaurant, at 11 AM on Sunday, July 18th. We will wait 15 minutes outside the metro for anyone that wants to join, and then we’ll take a free trolley down to a postcard shop by the riverwalk to buy cards, grab a coffee and sign and address postcards.

Please wear something GREEN that day, and hold a postcard in your hand, so we will recognize you as a Postcrosser outside the metro! Also, let me know if you plan to attend by email: cbfpusa at yahoo dot com, or by text at 571-three four seven-zero 545


Interested! Looking forward to it :))

I would love to attend. Please count me in.

I’m unable to get there, but live in Lynchburg, VA. Could someone please send me a card from there? I would be thrilled as my bday is a few days after the meeting!

Sure thing! Let me know your address, and we’ll send a card that we’ve all signed! Cheers, Matt

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Graziela, it will be wonderful to see you there! We should be about 10-12 people, and we plan to gather, write cards, find a place for coffee and visit a bit. One of the Postcrossers is arranging a beautiful card for the meet up, so we’ll have a few dozen for you to send off! Take down my cell to text me in case you are running late, etc. 571- three four seven-05 45. Cheers, Matt


Sent you the address! Thanks so much for the favor!

Thank you Matt! Please let me know how much I need to give you. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!! :slight_smile:

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Graziela, no worries at all - your enthusiasm and participation is all that is needed! See you on the 18th…

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Everyone’s getting excited for the meet up! It will be great to see you there.

I’m in! Looking forward to a face-to-face meetup, as it has been awhile!

This is 5 hours away from me, but I really want to do it! How many people will be there?

Hello there, it looks like we’ll be about 12 so far, and you’re welcome to join if you can. Otherwise, let me know your address and I’ll send you some of the meetup cards, so you can still send them out. Cheers, Matt

I’m so sad! I just recently joined and tonight just found out that meetups even exist. Maybe I’ll have to catch the next one because this is the day of my vacation. Y’all have fun! Who arranges these meetups usually?

Hello there! Not to worry, I believe the next one is in early August, in MD. There will certainly be others to come as well!

I am hosting a face-to-face meetup in Havre de Grace Maryland on 07 AUG. More in fo on that can be found here:

Everyone is welcome!


I will be there – can’t wait to come! I’ve never been to one and am excited!

Hello there Amy! Good to see you’ll be there on Sunday. We’ll have cards to write/sign/mail and likely a good dozen or so avid Postcrossers to chat with! Please let me know if you have any metro delays, etc. so we can wait for you. --Matt
cell: 571- 34 seven-zero 545

Looking forward to the meetup tomorrow!