DC-Virginia-MD Meetup on July 18 at 11 am

oops i thought its virtual meetup as usual,
when i was searching link for zoom call, i realised its face to face meetup.
Anyways you enjoy guys ,
and Mr Eric, when are you arranging the next virtual meetup ?
Its been long :slight_smile:

Great first meetup experience. Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for organizing & designing the card. I had fun!

Great meetup today! Really enjoyed it, thanks for organizing this!

Hana, you were a star to bring that great batch of cards! Thanks so much, Matt

Kathleen - thanks for joining, I thought it was a super group and lots of fun, Matt

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Miles, so pleased that you and Claudia could make it! Cheers, Matt

Hi Graziela, your cards are on their way to you! Keep well and see you at a future meetup, Matt

Well run and well organized meetup, kudos to Matt and Hana! What a glorious day to sit by the Potomac and sign cards with old and newfound friends! Thanks so much!


Thank you all so much for my card if this was the Washington monument scene with flowers! Blessings

Is there a way to get notified of these, like an email list? I just found this forum and I live three blocks from the King Street Metro. Iā€™m so sad I missed it!

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Wow, you are really close by! These are usually organized by others, it was just my 1st time organizing one and we had a super group! We chatted down by the riverfront and signed 100s of cards, it was good fun!

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