Countries you've only ever sent to or received from

I have received cards from Croatia(1), Luxembourg(1), Moldova(1), Saudi Arabia(1) and South Korea(3), but never sent one.

I hve sent cards to Denmark(1), Guernsey(1), Kazakhstan(1), Mauritius(1)
United Arab Emirates(1), but not received from them.

I’m 4 months in to my postcrossing adventure, and have 19 countries in my ‘collection’ so far. USA and Germany by far the most frequent (47 cards out of 83 total), and at the other end of the list…

Received 1, Sent 0:
China (have sent one, it is now expired at 70 days so far)

Sent 1, Received 0:

It was 7 for me as well. I sent 7 cards to Macao before I received my fist card from there. :slight_smile: At the moment my highest number is 3:

Sent to but not received from: Åland Islands (3), Dominican Republic (3), Trinidad and Tobago (3), Ethiopia (2), Georgia (2), Saudi Arabia (2), Andorra, Bermuda, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guinea, Guyana, Mauritius, Namibia, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Tanzania, Uganda, Venezuela, Zambia.

Received from but not sent to: Bangladesh (2), Ghana (2), Liechtenstein (2), Malawi (2), Tunisia (2), Bahrain, Belize, Brunei, Cape Verde, Dominica, Gibraltar, Greenland, Laos, Madagaskar, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Saint Martin, Senegal, Virgin Islands of the USA.

After reading about the 7 cards from Ireland, I must be lucky that I was able to send my frist card to Ireland after just 2 received. (in my seventh year of postcrossing.)

I recently realised that I received THIRTEEN from Canada but never sent there! :scream:

Also just noticed, 4 received from Brazil and never sent.

I am not counting the ones with only 1 one way or the other as there are quite a lot and it’s not as impressive :slight_smile:

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From 79 countries, I’ve 22 Oneways: 10 Sent Only and 12 Received Only.

Sent Only to: Armenia, Ethiopia,Georgia, Madagascar, Martinique, Morocco, Pakistan, SriLanka (all 1), Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia (both 2)

Received Only from: French Guiana, Gambia (a 3 digit ID!), Greenland, Kazakhstan (2 on their way now btw), Malta, Mexico, San Marino, Turkmenistan, Uganda (all 1) Åland Islands, Cyprus (both 2), UAEmiraties (3)

Sent 4 to India :india:, received 0. Others are Austria :austria: and Slovenia :slovenia: (2 each); Brazil :brazil:, Luxembourg :luxembourg:, Mexico :mexico:, Thailand :thailand: and Trinidad and Tobago :trinidad_tobago: (1 each).
Received 2 both from Latvia :latvia: and Portugal :portugal:, sent 0. Received 1 from and sent none to each of the following: Bulgaria :bulgaria:, Kazakhstan :kazakhstan: and New Zealand :new_zealand:.
However, I hope Kazakhstan will be gone soon from this list as I have a traveling postcard there :blush:

I have 20 oneways, mostly is only 1 sent/received though. My highest is 3 received from Bulgaria.

Sent only:
Algeria :algeria: (1)
Chile :chile: (1)
Croatia :croatia: (3)
Ecuador :ecuador: (1)
Guatemala :guatemala: (1)
Iceland :iceland: (1)
Moldova :moldova: (1)
Serbia :serbia: (1)

Received only:
Argentina :argentina: (1)
Bangladesh :bangladesh: (1)
Bosnia-Herzegovina :bosnia_herzegovina: (1)
Denmark :denmark: (2)
Guernsey :guernsey: (1)
Sri Lanka :sri_lanka: (1)

From 65 counties, I have 17 oneways: 3 sent only and 14 received only.

Sent only:
Bahamas :bahamas: (1)
Mexico :mexico: (2)
Tunisia :tunisia: (1)

Received only:
Åland Islands :aland_islands: (1)
Bulgaria :bulgaria: (6)
Costa Rica :costa_rica: (1)
Cyprus :cyprus: (1)
Denmark :denmark: (2)
Guernsey :guernsey: (1)
Isle of Man :isle_of_man: (1)
Kazakhstan :kazakhstan: (1)
Luxembourg :luxembourg: (1)
Macao :macau: (1)
Malta :malta: (1)
Moldova :moldova: (1)
Oman :oman: (1)
Serbia :serbia: (1)

Sent to, but never received from :
Greece (1), Luxembourg (1), Serbia (1)

Received from, but never sent to :
Armenia (1), Panama (1), South Africa (1), Switzerland (3), UAE (1)

I got an ID of Brunei, unfortunately the mail route is currently blocked due to covid-19. I wanna send out the card but I have to wait for the end of the pendamatic.

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My highest are Sweden & South Africa with 4 sent and 0 received


  1. Algeria :algeria: 1~0
  2. Bosnia-Herzegovina :bosnia_herzegovina: 1~0
  3. Cyprus :cyprus: 1~0
  4. Guatemala :guatemala: 1~0
  5. Iceland :iceland: 1~0
  6. Macao :macau: 2~0
  7. Namibia :namibia: 1~0
  8. South Africa :south_africa: 4~0
  9. Sweden :sweden: 4~0
  10. United Arab Emirates :united_arab_emirates: 2~0
  11. Uzbekistan :uzbekistan: 1~0


  1. Ecuador :ecuador: 0~1
  2. Guam :guam: 0~1
  3. Iraq :iraq: 0~1
  4. Israel :israel: 0~2
  5. Moldova :moldova: 0~1
  6. Mongolia :mongolia: 0~1
  7. Morocco :morocco: 0~1
  8. North Macedonia :macedonia: 0~1
  9. Puerto Rico :puerto_rico: 0~1
  10. San Marino :san_marino: 0~1
  11. Vietnam :vietnam: 0~1

@meiadeleite how is this possible? I thought the postal monitor would prevent that :thinking:

Sent 5 cards to Singapore, received 0 from Singapore

Indeed, it should… but sadly China Post is one of the few countries that does not publish their suspensions anywhere, so we have no way of checking them. :frowning:

@RainWang If you have a source we can quote on this (even if it’s just a picture of a list that your post office showed you), please get in touch!

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Ooh, thank you for clarifying! That sounds hard.

I am afraid that the China Post change their suspensions list so frequently, we will never get actual update. The only way is when you goto post office, you can check whether the country is in the suspension list in the postal internal system. :disappointed_relieved:


only 4 of 101 countries sent but not received.
25 of 101 countries received but not sent.

I sent often repeated countries.
Highest not received countries are AX around 63? and LK around 72 in ranking most cards sent.

3 countries to go to have 100 different countries received. But that can take years! Hopefully many of us can use Travel Mode soon.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive 2 new countries this year NP, the country where I signed up for Postcrossing in 2008, and VA, from wich I had sent postcards the previous year.