Countries you've only ever sent to or received from

I’m curious about countries that you’ve only ever sent to OR received from, but not both.

For instance, I’ve received 6 cards from Czechia :czech_republic: , but sent 0.
I’ve sent 3 cards to Turkey :tr:, but received 0.

What about you? What is the highest number that we can get in one category before sending/receiving 1 in the other? :slight_smile:

Sent 3 to Macao :macau:, received 0
Received 2 from Iceland :iceland:, sent 0

Sent 3 to Estonia :estonia: and 3 to Hungary :hungary:, received 0
Received 3 from Austria :austria:, sent 0

Sent to but never received from:
Bosnia-Herzegovina :bosnia_herzegovina:, Bulgaria :bulgaria:, Guam :guam:, Israel x2 :israel:, Macao :macau:, Moldova :moldova:, Mongolia :mongolia:, Philippines :philippines:, Qatar :qatar:, Slovenia x2 :slovenia:, South Africa :south_africa:

And received from but never sent to:
Cuba :cuba:, India :india: sent 23.11.20, UAE :united_arab_emirates:

Sent 3 cards to Algeria, received none. Sent 2 to Cyprus, Iran, Peru and Vietnam, no return.

No large discrepancy for received cards. There are nine countries I have only received cards from, but not sent any.

I received four official cards from Canada and Taiwan each but haven’t sent an official PC card to either of these two countries.

Only received: Åland (1), Armenia (1), Chile (2), Greece (3), Iceland (1), Indonesia (4), Ireland (7), Luxembourg (3), Moldova (1), Tuvalu (1).

Only sent: Argentina (1), Cuba (1), Jordan (1), Macao (1), Namibia (1), Puerto Rico (1), Qatar (1), Sri Lanka (1), Guernsey (2).

Received 2 from Croatia :croatia:, sent none.
Sent 3 to Cyprus :cyprus:, received none.

7 from Ireland! That’s the current highest total!

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Surprising since Taiwan is #6 on the ranking of postcards sent!

The biggest number for me is (only) 3.
Sent 3 to Spain :es:, received none.
Received 3 from Switzerland :switzerland: and from India :india:, to both sent 0.

The largest number would have to be Croatia for me. I’ve sent 5 but received 0.

Bulgaria and Estonia

Sent 4 and received 0

and the other side


Sent 0 and received 2

So far I haven’t received more than 2 cards from any country I haven’t also sent to. The ones I’ve received two from are Bulgaria :bulgaria:, Greece :greece: and Kazakhstan :kazakhstan:.

I have sent 6 to South Africa :south_africa: but never received one!

The only other multiple there is 2 sent to Luxembourg :luxembourg: without receiving one.

Turkmenistan - sent
Luxemburg - sent
Iceland - sent

For the past 2 years;

have officially (with ID) sent and received to most common countries listed like UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands but some are just for once either sent to or received from

sent but never received (yet):
Bahamas, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Israel, Jersey, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico and Tunisia

received but never sent (yet :slight_smile:)
Fiji (a surprise one - 4 digit ID), Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Thailand

I have eight countries ‘sent-only’ and nine countries ‘received-only’. Two of the received were sent via travel-mode, so probably won’t have them at all without that mode.

No big differences (2 x 3:0, including a country where I sent a card to that never got registered), but I had ‘0 sent - 7 received’ to a country at one moment some months ago.

Btw: how do we call that phenomenon in our postcrossing lingo? Singles? Oneways? Uniques? I am open for my suggestions, as I use it in my profile.


I’d vote for oneways!


received 1 from Turkey :tr: …0 sent
received 1 from Lithuania :lithuania: …0 sent
received 1 from Poland :poland: …0 sent

That’s what happens if you select repeated countries and send 2/3 of all of your official postcrossing postcards to Russia and Germany, then you don’t send a single card to Taiwan :laughing:
Also, Taiwan has become more and more active. They weren’t quite as big when I started postcrossing, if I remember correctly. And I was most active on the official site when I started two years ago. Now, I am too addicted to the forum and don’t have capacities to write official cards on top of that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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