Countdown to 62 million cards registered

Ok! Let it be 7th, June!

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(more than) three quarters done,

214,922 to go

20:21 UTC

a card from FI to NO

(strong week, weak week, weak week, strong week … and now some folks in the lucky regions traveling again or being distracted by restarting … it’s impossible to foresee the exact hour. I’m tempted to change to the morning … but for now, I’ll stick to my guess from weeks ago #numbermagic)

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I think there is a good chance that we will cross the 62 million level on June 6 at 20:21 (as Stefan predicted), I mean it.
If so, Stefan should buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot :slight_smile:

It seems to me that will happen on June 2 at 13.45 from Germany to Belarus

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It looks like the Moment of Truth will come around midnight between 07 and 08 of June.
So, my guess is 08 June, 00:00 (UTC).

The one who makes the most accurate predictions, as usual, will receive a postcard with the Magic Mandala from me.
The Diviner Talent Rate calculation methodology is described here.

Have you seen my blooming gloxinia collection?

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My guess is June 7, 8 p.m. CET from Germany to Bosnia

So much for magic balls and lottery jackpot. I would need a superawesome week to compensate for the latest slowdown for my first guess to come true. Seems like Europe re-opening is too much of a distraction, not to mention the disruptions other places of our Earth have to face atm, sadly.

The last (centi-)mile
92,510 to go

07:06 pm UTC

a card from FI to NO

June 8 , 9:01 am UCT

07 June 2021 at 18:00 (UTC)

CET in summer (June) is UTC+2.
So, in terms of UTC your prediction is June 7, 18:00 (UTC).
Is it correct?

I guess so :grinning:

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From my point of view, the date is completely clear, it is June 07.
Now it all comes down to predicting the time as accurately as possible.
According to my various estimates, this is the evening of June 07. The most probable time interval, in my opinion, is 17:00…20:00. I bet at 18:00, as some calculation methods give some offset at an earlier time.

I love Stefan’s (@Stevyy) very first prediction (06 June, 20:21). Taking into account the distance from which it was made (~60 days from supposed Moment of Truth), this is almost jewelry accuracy. And the current one day correction that Stefan just made is absolutely logical.

There are some more good early bets out there in my opinion from @ScubaET, @Kogotok7, @thibcabe and @Florallle.
And if these participants want to make new (additional) more precise predictions, then the total result may turn out to be very close to the actual one. But I am not imposing it in any way.

A very intriguing bet followed recently from @catinboots. Here everything will be determined by the minutes and, of course, luck.

However, I wish good luck to everyone!

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I was coming to the forum to check whether there was already a topic for the 62 million, and of course there is! :smiley:

Mail is so wonky at the moment that it could go either way. If this slow down continues, it will drag the 62 million a few hours/days back… but if it resolves itself in the next few days and a big boat/plane of mail arrives in Europe, it could speed things up again.

In any case, less than 100K postcards to go! Exciting!

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I’d like to be a true Diviner and hit the jackpot by only adding one guess to the game :wink:

But maybe I should put my repeated countries on and hit my max on travelling cards by sending loads of cards to Germany indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I absolutely agree. I have noticed that mail has slowed down a bit lately. Moreover, there was a Memorial Day in the USA yesterday and they probably were not sending as much mail as usual.
I still stick to June, 7. Let it be 19:00 UTC :thinking: it’s the first time I participate in predicting something on this forum.

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If only one prediction is allowed, then it will be reasonable to make it only a day before in order to hit it for sure :slight_smile:

I know why yesterday was a bit weaker than a usual Thursday … it was holiday Corpus Christi is some countries and regions. (From postcrossing-superpowers Poland and Bavaria to the middle class like Austria and Portugal to the lucky participants like Liechtenstein and Timor-Leste). What I don’t know: what will happen in the next decisive days??

47,448 to go

08:06 UTC

a card from FI to NO

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June 10th is also a holiday around here… though I guess it won’t have much of an impact :slight_smile:

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07 June 2021 at 20:45