Countdown to 60 million postcards received

982,981 left until the big 60 million

:six: :zero: :zero: :zero: :zero: :zero: :zero: :zero:


998,879 to go

Good morning, countdown.

A guessing game with aspects, from world politics to member’s moods, impossible to guess - what a nice challenge it is.

Having the trend of one and a half day so far, I start with a mix of realism and very personal symbolic wishful-thinking. So my first guess is

20:21 UTC

a card from BA to BY


My Magic Crystal Ball tells me that the first knight will come when the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Cancer.

It seems to me that this is an allusion to the date January 26, 2021.
Let’s say 12:00 UTC.

PS For those who get the highest rate on the accuracy of their predictions in this countdown I’ll send a very special postcard with unique Greenskull’s Magic Mandala that will fulfill your most cherished wish :slight_smile:


966,374 to go

late January to early February seems likely…speed is pretty good between the top three countries currently but I’m curious to see the affects of Christmas + COVID-19…


This greatly depends on the time of day when the level crossing occurs.
If it is UTC evening time, then the recipient will most likely be from Europe.
If it is UTC daytime, the recipient is likely to be from Asia.
If it is UTC morning time, then the recipient will most likely be from the United States.

A quarter of the way is covered, there are three quarters left to go (~734,500).

I wonder if Ana (@meiadeleite ) and Paulo (@paulo ) will come up with something special in connection with the 60 millionth anniversary? :slight_smile:

To the one whose predictions turn out to be more accurate than all others, I will send a special card with a unique Green Skull’s Magic Mandala, which will fulfill your most cherished wish.

I will select a suitable postcard and also stick many beautiful multi-colored stamps on this postcard.

I set out the criterion for assessing the prediction accuracy here.
If we don’t go deep into mathematics, you just need to be as precise as possible.
You can make several prediction attempts or just one. The number does not affect the estimation, only the accuracy of your predictions is important.

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I’m new here…but I’ll take a shot at it. For all the romantics out there, I say the Big 60M will happen…

February 14th, 2021
14:14 UTC


What feels like a century ago, we thought it would be cool to celebrate this milestone with other postcrossers on a pub appropriately called Sixty Million Postcards in Bournemouth… but then Covid… and Brexit and… yeah. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Maybe a guessing game will be just the thing — we’ll give it some thought!


According to my calculations, we will go halfway (59,500,00 million) on 19th of December in the afternoon.

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Let’s guess !
I’m optimistic as Germans are sending lots of postcards every December for this campaign !

14th January, 05:50 UTC


Ooh, I want to guess.
I don’t know why but I kind of want to say January 7th…
But I will be more reserved… I say…
February 19th. Maybe 13:00 UTC :thinking:

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February 20th, around noon maybe? I think lots of cards will be sent in December but they might arrive a bit later than usual?

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603,970 to go, wow!

Almost halfway
545 146 cards to go :slight_smile:

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Halfway-Milestone has passed.

498 052 cards to go. :slight_smile:

Yes, halfway there. We can start to get used to the possibility, getting real card by card. Even with Western Christmas Slowdown (WCS) showing its (ugly) power (next to the other ugly parc).

497,520 to go

22.01.2021 (why not)
20:21 UTC

a card from BA to BY

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I have absolutely no idea :smile:

How about February 17th 2021, 22:43 UTC?

And the card will be sent from Germany to Belarus.

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Stefan left his previous prediction the same.
I keep my previous prediction also valid:
January 26, 2021, 12:00 UTC.

Probably the Moment of Truth will be somewhere between our forecasts.
The only question is, to whose prediction this moment will be closer :slight_smile:
I guess that we will pass the level 59 750 000 on January 09, 2021. Let’s see.

Based on the results of the Moment of Truth, I will calculate the Diviner Talent Rate for each participant in this marathon using this formula.

When the diviner retains their previous prediction in force, such predicted moments are not counted.
If the time is not named, but only the date, then UTC midday of this date should be understood.
And then I’ll post the results here.

Is this thread for you or the entire website?