Countdown to 59 million postcards!

When do you think it’ll happen? And between which countries? :thinking:

Leave your predictions below!

We’re currently at 58,746,543 postcards received, so 253,457 postcards to go!


Hi there,

It is so nice to see my favorite topic in the new forum! Thanks to Ana (@meiadeleite ) :slight_smile:

On 29 of August 2020 I made a prediction that we will reach the level 59 mio on 12 of November 2020:

So, I still adhere to the same prediction – 12 of November, Thursday, probably early morning (of course UTC).

Unfortunately I can’t upload a picture of my Magic Crystal Ball here :slight_smile:
Although the file extension JPG is fine.

Just in case this is my current 59 mio Postcrossing Coundown.

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You can use this emoji :crystal_ball:

My prediction is 25. November

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Wow! :slight_smile:
I :sparkling_heart: new forum!


Using 11:00 AM UTC, October 23, 2020 as zero…

Previous estimation

…yields an estimated time of 20.5636 day, which translate to:
12:30 AM UTC, Friday, November 13, 2020

Edit: …using newer granular data instead to account for influx…

…yields a new estimate of days, which now translate to:

9 PM UTC, Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Everything looks adult :slight_smile:
I like your approach and graph :+1:

It’s (the dynamic of) First World Postcard Day versus (the curse words of) Second Wave
(more cusswords)

Three quarters done -
236,621 to go

11:11 UTC
a card from BA to BE

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Let me make a guess too…

05:50 UTC

FI to US

My Magic Crystal Ball tells me that the 4-th knight (59 mio) will arrive
on 12 of November at 02:20AM (UTC) ±2 hours.

So, 187,350 postcrads or 14 days 13 hours left until this moment.

141,112 to go :eyes:

No, no!
Working with my Magic Crystal Ball, I left out the constellation correction, sorry.
Considering that the Sun is in Scorpio, and the Moon is in transit from Virgo to Libra, the cherished moment may come half a day earlier, of course.

So, the 4th knight will arrive to us on 11 of November, 2020, at 15:10 (UTC) ±2 hours.
And my prediction is getting closer to the last Stefan’s one.

And as it is our custom, I add – 133,100 postcards or 10 days 04 hours left until 59 mio.

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Are you sure? Since Oktober 2020 is already over

11 of November, you are right. Corrected.

Good to know :slight_smile:

I still think the 59 Million will happen later in November
Around the 20th

What kind of Magic Crystal Ball do you use for predictions?

Woman intuition :innocent:


@Jarana :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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101 895 :postcard: to go

@Monika2019 Woman intuition is a very good sense, but men will not understand at all :wink:

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21.11.2020 :postcard: :innocent:
I use the same calculation principle as Jarana
that works very well.


The last (bit-more-than-a) mile. It’s hard to guess in a World where everything and anyone (sigh) is possible. But, no offense to female intuition, the mathematical pattern points to only few days left, not another two weeks.

94,816 to go

11:11 UTC
a card from BA to BE