Copenhagen-based meet-up

@samquito I’ve set the date for this thread to September 25th now, I’m entirely okay with that day :slightly_smiling_face:. Everything is subject to the whims of corona of course :man_shrugging:.

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thank you for schedule the danish meetup around the time i plan to be in copenhagen. i will contact my friends asap about the planned meetup. lets just hope the covid-19 is gone by then.

This is my first time trying to organise a meet-up, so I evidently forgot to allow replying to the event. You’re welcome to do so now :blush:.

hello vilhelm,
look forward to the meetup.

If you put out cookies in Denmark, or anywhere in Scandinavia, they are for eating. Anyone who says differently is not representative of here.


I’d like to come in september if we from Norway are allowed to travel to Denmark :innocent:

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I will attend this meetup (if travel is possible, which I hope it will be in September).

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If unrestricted travel is possible again in September, I will definitely attend this meetup.

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I would love to attend, if possible to travel then

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I would be interested in coming, never been to Copenhagen!

Actually please make me a definite (subject to any COVID restrictions at the time).

Just press “Going” at the top of the page :slight_smile:.

Thank you, still getting used to the new forum! :smiley:

Hello Vilhelm,

The meeting in Copenhagen a wonderful idea, I would like to come, Please count me in.

depending on the virus-situation and employer granting vacation, i’d like to join, too :slight_smile:

Please add me to the meetup! Looking forward to it!

Just press “Going” at the top :slight_smile:.

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Very exciting, just booked plane tickets :ticket: - Never been to Denmark :denmark: before!

Hi, if it is possible for me I would like to join the meet-up in Copenhagen

You just need to press that you are going in the first post, there should be a button somewhere.