Copenhagen-based meet-up

:map:  CITY/REGION: Copenhagen, Denmark.
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: To be determined, but a café.
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: September 25th, 2021 at 14 o’clock.
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN: To be determined, but drinking tea/coffee at a café and write postcards. If there’s interest, I can show visitors around Copenhagen.

Once we’re past corona-travel restrictions, hopefully in the autumn, I’d love help organise a meetup in Copenhagen. I don’t know if there’ll be enough interest, as postcrossing is pretty dead in Denmark, but I’m very flexible around dates, if that helps anyone.

EDIT: @gforp is handling the meet-up, as I now have to attend a wedding.

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I would love to visit Copenhagen (I only spent a night at its airport in 2018, when I flew to Oslo for the wonderful meetup in Tofte/Filtvet :heart_eyes:), but I fear February may be too close for me. I may be able to come in spring if I can afford the flights and a hostel bed. On the other hand, I may not be able to send many postcard at the Danish fares… :smiley:

I have been planning to return to Copenhagen for a holiday (I need to make amends with university there), so if there happens to be a meeting around that time I would love to join in! Of course I have no idea when I would be able to come down to Denmark in this current situation, but hopefully next summer or summer after that…

I’ll not have the possibility to go in Copenhagen, but perhaps you can bring with you some International Reply Coupons, that have more reasonable price :smiley: …and have the patience to explain at the post office what they are for :wink:

Could you explain a bit more about how those work?

We had two international meet ups in Copenhagen and that was great fun. Would love to have another one but now, due to Corona restrictions it would have to be a limited number. I am for it so let’s hope some other locals will respond :slight_smile: Where in Kph are you ? I am at Sølvgade.

Well, whenever I receive postcards from meet-ups, it’s never features 10 people or more. So I figured it might either still be possible, if there were enough interest. For international participation, yes definitely it would have to wait even longer.
I’m on Ørnevej :blush:.

Giving a coupon (no matter the origin country, but of course not the same where you are using it) to the post office, gives you the right to send unregistered priority airmail letter (or postcard) of up to twenty grams sent to another Universal Postal Union member country.
IRC (wikipedia)

All UPU members are obliged to accept IRCs, but not to sell them: their price is different for each country, in Italy for example 1,35€ if I remember right.

The problem is that employees at post office rarely see them, so they can make you problems because they don’t know the procedure: I’ve personally experienced here with Luxemborg IRCs, but at the end they franked my letter. :wink:

I think it sounds like a good idea, terrible DK postage prices aside :wink: At the very least, it’d be nice to meet other Postcrossers in the area, I haven’t been to a meetup since I moved to DK.
Maybe we could meet at the Enigma Museum when it reopens next year? That would be in keeping with the postal theme!

We don’t have post offices anymore, just like small postshops inside supermarkets, staffed by the supermarket workers, so it would probably be even harder. But if I buy IRC in e.g. Italy, can I use them to send a postcard between Denmark and Germany (I think we know where most of our postcards go)?

Haven’t heard of it, but sounds nice :blush:.

Depending on the covid situation I would love to come if possible. I was supposed to visit Copenhagen in Mai but the trip was canceled.

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Yes, the important is that the destination country is an UPU member, and that you don’t use an IRC buyed in the same country you are sending from.

I never used IRCs in Denmark but sent several Danish ones to India and Pakistan to cover the postage. They don’t seem to have them at PostNord online but will check at Enigma tomorrow. It is the only post office kind of place in Copenhagen (Trianglen Metro)

Alright, so I looked up Enigma online, and I do know it, I just call it “Post & Tele Museum”, its old name :P. I’m interested to hear about these IRCs though, it would be amazing if I could start sending postcards from Denmark again :).

I guess you should ask a receiver of your card to send you an irc and then you may exchange it for a stamp at the post office. Those bought in Denmark should cost 30 DKK.

Oh, I thought the IRC might make it cheaper to send a postcard :P.

i have just re-booked my tickets to copenhagen (had to cancel my trip in april/may 2020 due to the pandemic). i will be in europe for 3 weeks, but would only be free to attend a meetup on saturday or sunday (25 or 26 of september 2021). please keep me informed if a danish meetup can happen that weekend. if you would need any assistance in planning, i can give some suggestions. i have seen that michele (mikebond) left a message. he has attended many european meetups and sure he would be more helpful than myself in assistance. would be finally to meet you (michele) in person if possible at the meetup.

I would definitely be interested in participating/arranging a meeting. We have had two international ones in Copenhagen and I especially loved the first meeting. There is quite a long time till September so let’s talk about more details in a couple of months.
New pandemic rules and restrictions were implemented in Copenhagen yesterday so let’s hope we won’t have to talk about it in September :slight_smile: Stamps are going to be even more expensive next year and I believe that won’t change for better at all.
Looking forward to meeting you so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

So I’d be interested in a spring meet-up, when we’re hopefully a bit beyond the current lockdown, but I assume this will apply only for Danes, but maybe also for Germans and Scandinavians (depending on how quickly travel opens up). So here’s a poll, to see if there’s enough interest for a spring meet-up, as well as hopefully one over or after the summer, depending on interest and travelling opening up.

Please only answer spring if you find it likely that you could actually go.

  • Spring, even with travel restrictions
  • Autumn, if things work out (whatever they may be)

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i am happy to hear that some postcrossers are interested in a danish meetup. hope you can schedule a spring meetup - i do not think there be safe for international travelers until the summertime 2021 at the earliest. but hope for the best for your springtime meetup happens.
i will keep my eyes open on the forum to see about a late summer meetup in copenhagen. as have a short time in europe,