Collecting hotel postcards

Does anyone else collect hotel postcards? I collect mostly well known hotels or hotels in historic buildings.

These are some of my cards.

Please feel free to share any hotel cards you have received😊

Ritz, London

Shangri La, Paris

Raffles at the Old War Office, London(opened last month)

George V, Paris

Dorchester, London

Claridges, London

Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh

Shelbourne, Dublin

The Mayfair, London


A crummy hotel on a motorway :innocent:


I’ve sent a couple. MH-95 was from The Laylow, part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection and located on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. I stayed there for a couple nights on my way to visit Marshall Islands, Kiribati, and Nauru this summer. I sent one of their postcards from Majuro because I ran out of Marshall Islands postcards while I was out there and had Laylow cards on hand.
Then on the more vintage side of things, I’ve also sent US-8880833 and US-8702905

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I’m a big Disney fan and my family vacationed at the Disney parks and stayed in Disney hotels. Years ago I could find hotel postcards but recently not many carry postcards of their hotel. I noticed not just Disney hotels not carrying their own postcards but many other hotels too. But I haven’t traveled out of country in years.


When I was a kid motels and hotels had free postcards and pens in the rooms, we sent them often


I haven’t received any but I do enjoy them! I like the older vintage ones when staying in a hotel / motel was first for a family or couple, maybe it had amenities that was fancy or new. I like the 50s and 60s cards.

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I have received this one officially and I like it


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I noticed this too. Previously it was common for hotels to have free cards, but less and less hotels seem to have these nowadays. Which is a shame as I would have thought it was a good opportunity to promote their hotel. But perhaps understandable as less people send postcards from their holidays.
Although I find it interesting that the more expensive hotels have continued to offer free cards.

The retro hotel cards are often an interesting glimpse into the trends and social history of the time.

I have these 2 Disneyland cards.


:greece: Vintage postcard of Athens Hilton, Greece (1963-2022)

By SV1XV. The Athens Hilton - vintage postcard in my collection, anonymous photographer, dated in mid/late 1960s. Postcards showing modern buildings in Greece, once common, have now disappeared from t…


A few more cards added to my collection.
Langham hotel, London

And these amazing Christmas Paddington at the Langham Hotel, New York cards.


I have received these two. I believe the Ahwanee was important in a movie, but I don’t remember the details:


The hotel wasn’t specifically used in The Shining, but it was an influence.

The Ahwahnee Hotel - Atlas Obscura


These cards have mostly disappeared from some countries, like the US, while you still see them in quite a few countries. This is the last official hote card I sent immediately after picking it up:


This is in the outskirts of Zurich and in this case I didn’t stay there, we just had dinner. I should do this more often as I discovered that I hadn’t sent many hotel cards as official cards.


This one was sent while staying at the Shangri-La, Bangkok. I was not using travel mode back then. This hotel no longer gives out these postcards.


Here is a random hotel postcard I sent, not sent from origin (Nairobi Hilton, Kenya.) I like these boring looking hotel cards, like the American hotel and motel cards from the 1960s and 70s.

I have a lot of hotel cards like these so if anyone wants to swap, just contact me.


Hi again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have a vintage probably 50s? Motel card from here in New mexico. I never know who would appreciate it, so if you’re interested pm me and I’d love to gift it to you :revolving_hearts:

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Zurich, Switzerland, opposite the central station


I got a hotel postcard from Germany, but it’s a hotel in Antalya, Türkiye.
It’s the commemorative for 25th anniversary of this hotel.

Last Halloween, I went to Hong Kong Disneyland, and I stayed at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.
I got this postcard as a souvenir from hotel activity by check in at the checkpoint spots in a hotel, another Disney’s hotels may have an activity like this.
This postcard is the concept art of this hotel, which was redesigned in the beginning of the pandemic period in 2020 and opened again in mid-2023.

Moreover, I bought this Donald Duck postcard at “Celebrity Gift” - the hotel’s shop. This postcard printed with the park’s logo and the hotel’s logo.


Beautiful cards, thanks for sharing.

What an interesting theme for collection! I’ve never thought of collecting cards with hotels, but now I do )))


I’ve just got another hotel postcard from Japan today.
This is a postcard from Disney Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo. ºoº


I received this great card yesterday from @hallucinojen Thank you for sending!! I love it!! It opened in the 30s and it even had car ports between the rooms!!! How neat!!! I loved what you wrote on the back and your drawing!!! Def a fav!!!