[CLOSED] I need help! How do I use this? (USA)

How can I use this? Thank you in advance!

Hi Angie,
I hadn’t see these, but will soon buy a few to send to my grandchildren. : )
So this is a stamped USPS post card that can only be used within the USA. You would put the address on the the front and the ID Number up in the return address area, then write your message on the back. You could had stickers or drawings to make it more interesting to the recipient. If you wanted to use it internationally, you will have to add enough postage to equal the international rate. (Internationally, there is no postcard rate, just a one ounce, which today is $1.40–today’s postcard is 44 cents so you would have to add the difference.
I am also in California, in the Central Valley. If you are anywhere near San Fran, there is meetup on Jan. 12. Here’s the link to the info.SanFran Jan 23 Meetup into I plan to go. It is fun to meet other postcrossers as well as sign each other’s postcards for sending later. I was at the one in Sacramento mentioned in the link and really enjoyed it.
Hope that helps.
Pam (princesspamf)

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Got it, thanks a lot for the help Pam! I appreciate you telling me about it.

I have a few of these from a local seller, looks like I might use them for lotteries (seeing how I’m not in the states :joy:)

Or I could trade for some stamps. Hmmmm. Decisions decisions.

These have some age to them (1978, 1979 etc.)

PS. Now that it’s solved, I’ve moved it to the North American section of the forum for a record so others can search it up


Alternative way to use it-
On the blank back side of the postcard, instead of writing a message, you could draw a picture or print a picture and glue it on, stuff like that, and then write the message on the front left of the card and write the address on the front right of the card.
The face value of the stamp on that postal card is equal to the current domestic postcard rate, which is currently 44 cents, but will be increasing within the next month, (and increases twice a year indefinitely). You could add additional postage to get to $1.40, the current international rate.
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend sending that internationally because those cards are made of paper that is barely thinner than office paper and could get torn up in the multitude of sorting machines it has to go through between here and another country, but you’re totally allowed to if you want to. I hope this helps!

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That’s a great idea, thanks!

I think that would make a neat lottery!And thanks!