🎄 [CLOSED for sign ups!] - NA Secret Christmas RR 2022!

How it works


  • This is a secret cards RR, so you will not know, from who you will receive cards.
  • Open to all of North America, including territories. You can request any amount of cards up to a MAX of 15.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! This RR is for greetings and postcards! You cannot write, that you wish only postcards… you can write, that you prefer postcards. these rules are based on the main RR.
  • This RR is not for handmade or touchnote cards, because most people do not like these.
  • When you wish to join, (closes on 27 November 2022) :
  1. You send me a private message with your address and preferences (in 4-5 words) Please do not post here. Since we won’t be nearly as large as the main RR, I’d like for it to be a complete surprise!
  2. You are online around 27 November 2022
  3. You can and will send out your cards in first days of December (be honest!)
  4. You must write here, when you send cards, but not to who
  5. You must register here all your received cards. PLEASE, before joining be SURE you can update your received cards
  6. You must write on card, clearly, RR name and your username!
  7. Have fun with NA Secret Christmas RR :christmas_tree:

Please note: I will be on vacation from Nov. 29 to Dec 9 in Germany. I will send addresses before I leave and will update the RR after I return.


Addresses Sent: 27 Nov 2022
Updated: 16 Jan 2023

Please remember, I will be out of town Nov 29 - Dec 9 and won’t be updating until I return.

:santa: :santa: emotis sent 2/12 • rec - uconn, durangirl, Yelena, CrimsonKing, Xadrian, Bethmnie, Aliengirl, nursegarry, sarahaeyo, DaisyDekker, DcMdVa, Cruzin, ellistrations, Crystalinne, Tynesha :santa: :santa:

:santa: :snowflake: DcMdVa sent 9/12 • rec - mere5oh, uconn, Deborahann, Xadrian, Aliengirl, Citrine28, emotis, DaisyDekker, durangirl, nursegarry, Hazygirl, CrimsonKing, Yelena, June22, Tynesha :snowflake: :santa:

  1. :pie: Yelena sent 30/11 • rec - Crystalinne, June22, durangirl, emotis, Citrine28, Cruzin, uconn, sarahaeyo, Aliengirl, DcMdVa, Xadrian, sraelling, CrimsonKing, Tynesha,

  1. :socks: uconn sent 28/11 • rec - emotis, Xadrian, CrimsonKing, Yelena, Aliengirl, ellistrations, DaisyDekker, Cruzin, sarahaeyo, DcMdVa, nursegarry, Citrine28, buzzlebee, Crystalinne,

:santa: :wine_glass: DaisyDekker sent 30/11 • rec - uconn, mere5oh, durangirl, Yelena, Cruzin, Citrine28, Crystalinne, nursegarry, sarahaeyo, emotis, AlbertaGirl71, DcMdVa, June22, Tynesha, Hazygirl :wine_glass: :santa:

  1. :cheese: CrimsonKing sent 1/12 • rec - uconn, emotis, Aliengirl, ellistrations, mere5oh, Xadrian, Yelena, sarahaeyo, DcMdVa, Hazygirl, DaisyDekker, dnrhott, Tynesha, Citrine28,

:santa: :confetti_ball: durangirl sent 29/11 • rec - mere5oh, emotis, sarahaeyo, Cruzin, CrimsonKing, Xadrian, ellistrations, Aliengirl, Citrine28, nursegarry, Hazygirl, tinkerstorm, DcMdVa, Crystalinne, June22 :confetti_ball: :santa:

  1. :snowman: Tynesha sent 7/12 • rec - June22, sarahaeyo, ellistrations, CrimsonKing, Citrine28, uconn, Yelena, mere5oh, Cruzin, Bethmnie, durangirl, DaisyDekker, nursegarry, Hazygirl,

  1. :evergreen_tree: AlienGirl sent • rec - Xadrian, DaisyDekker, Deborahann, uconn, DcMdVa, Cruzin, nursegarry, Hazygirl, CrimsonKing, Crystalinne, June22, Tynesha, emotis, Yelena,

:santa: :gift_heart: Xadrian sent 30/11 • rec - uconn, durangirl, emotis, ellistrations, Yelena, Cruzin, CrimsonKing, Aliengirl, Hazygirl, sarahaeyo, DaisyDekker, Citrine28, sraelling, DcMdVa, Tynesha :gift_heart: :santa:

:santa: :champagne: mere5oh sent 29/11 • rec - Xadrian, Aliengirl, durangirl, tinkerstorm, DcMdVa, Crystalinne, nursegarry, June22, Tynesha, DaisyDekker :champagne: :santa:

:santa: :candy: June22 sent 7/12 • rec - Xadrian, CrimsonKing, uconn, mere5oh, emotis, DaisyDekker, Aliengirl, Yelena, Tynesha, buzzlebee :candy: :santa:

:santa: :candle: ellistrations sent 29/11 • rec - uconn, durangirl, CrimsonKing, Aliengirl, Yelena, emotis, AlbertaGirl71, DcMdVa, DaisyDekker, Tynesha :candle: :santa:

:santa: :christmas_tree: sarahaeyo sent 3/12 • rec - durangirl, uconn, Xadrian, dnrhott, CrimsonKing, emotis, DcMdVa, Yelena, DaisyDekker, Tynesha :christmas_tree: :santa:

:santa: :ice_cube: Citrine28 sent 3/12 • rec - uconn, ellistrations, Aliengirl, Bethmnie, CrimsonKing, Xadrian, Yelena, DcMdVa, emotis, DaisyDekker :ice_cube: :santa:

  1. :snowman_with_snow: Cruzin sent • rec - mere5oh, Deborahann, durangirl, ellistrations, Aliengirl, Xadrian, Tynesha, sarahaeyo, June22,

  1. :scarf: Hazygirl sent 4/12 • rec - uconn, durangirl, Aliengirl, CrimsonKing, DaisyDekker, Yelena, emotis, DcMdVa,

  1. :sparkles: Crystalinne sent • rec - ellistrations, durangirl, mere5oh, Yelena, sraelling, Aliengirl, DaisyDekker, tinkerstorm, Cruzin,

  1. :moneybag: nursegarry sent • rec - uconn, mere5oh, dnrhott, Hazygirl, June22, Tynesha, DcMdVa, Citrine28,

:santa: :milk_glass: tinkerstorm sent 1/12 • rec - uconn, AlbertaGirl71, emotis, Deborahann, June22, nursegarry :milk_glass: :santa:

  1. :cookie: dnrhott sent • rec - ellistrations, nursegarry, tinkerstorm,

:santa: :gift: AlbertaGirl72 sent 2/12 • rec - tinkerstorm, Yelena, Xadrian, Hazygirl, buzzlebee :gift: :santa:

:santa: :gloves: buzzlebee sent 10/12 • rec - mere5oh, Bethmnie, sraelling, Tynesha, AlbertaGirl71 :gloves: :santa:

:santa: :cloud_with_snow: sraelling sent 3/12 • rec - tinkerstorm, dnrhott, AlbertaGirl71, buzzlebee, Citrine18 :cloud_with_snow: :santa:

  1. :stew: Deborahann sent 28/11 • rec -

:santa: :coat: Bethmnie sent 1/12 • rec - Deborahann, Aliengirl, sraelling, DcMdVa, Crystalinne :coat: :santa:

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Updated with 12 participants so far…!

Updated with 16 participants so far…!


Updated with 18 participants so far…! :santa:

Updated with 20 participants so far…! :snowman:

Updated with 21 participants so far…! :wine_glass:

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Updated with 22 participants so far…! :christmas_tree:

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Updated with 23 participants so far…! :snowflake:

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Addresses have been sent to all 26 participants!

For sending: Remember, please don’t report who you sent too, but DO report that you sent your card(s).
For receiving: Please report who you received your card from, so I can track it on my end!

Have fun, everyone!

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Sending ALL cards in the morning! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Mine are mailing tomorrow, too!

Mine are mailed from Bethlehem CT


My cards were mailed today!

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Mailing my cards out December 1st. :christmas_tree:

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All my cards being dropped off at post office today :slight_smile:

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The lightning fast @uconn sent Lewis Sorensen Doll. I don’t know how you do it!


All 15 cards have been mailed. Merry Christmas all! :christmas_tree:

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I met some rambunctious reindeer who happily and heartily agreed to deliver my postcards in haste! Be listening for a clatter and clanking on your rooftops, stoops and porticos. Expect delivery in the middle of the night! Postcards are on their way!

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All cards are neatly tucked and ready to take flight in tomorrow’s post :postbox:

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