(Closed for 2023) World Postcard Day Group Order

2023: Thank you so much to over 200 postcard enthusiasts for participating in this group order of 6,000 copies!

Major update 8/24: A fellow member pointed out that there is a major issue with how the postcard was printed.

Given that error, I have issued refunds for the cards and have decided to no longer charge for the cards. I still have many left and if you want some, please pay for the shipping.

They are printed on 14pt cardstock, glossy front and matte back. While the envelopes/mailers are on me, I do request that you pay for shipping. Check the chart for the shipping costs (domestic rates).
Payment options include postage stamps, checks, Zelle, Venmo/PayPal (please, family/friends option otherwise I’ll end up paying seller fees. I’m not profiting from doing this and legally not allowed to do so either!)*
My PayPal and Zelle → hellosmarty92@yahoo.com
My Venmo → @ ThePostcardMixer

Fellow non-US members, contact me and we’ll try to figure out payment and shipping costs.

Quantity Shipping Cost
10 $1.50
15 $1.74
20 $1.98
30 $2.31
40 $2.79
50 $3.03
100 $6.06

*If you order 100 or more, they’ll be shipped in packages of 50 each so you’ll pay less for shipping! :stuck_out_tongue:

For non-US Members
5 cards = $1.50
10 cards = $2.80
20 cards = $5.45


Thanks for sharing!!!

Hello, I would be interested in some more WPD cards - can I have 25?

And of course I will pay for shipping!

Have a great evening,

I would love to have ten - and more than happy to cover your expenses.

Hi! I would like to have ten. Sending PM.

Update 9/4: Orders are on pause. If you still need postcards, I don’t mind doing another order but it will not be 8 cents, will probably cost 22 cents.



Have you seen this?

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I have now ? Lol appreciate this will order some :wink:

I am waiting on some payments from those who had reserved. If they don’t pay within the weekend, I will offer those cards to you all. If they do pay, I will order more cards which arrive pretty quick but they will cost more, I think $0.20 a card…

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No, hadn’t seen this. I ordered some through @Stinkypaw.


After seeing so much demand for it, I have reordered 500 more postcards! While the cards are now $0.15 a piece, I have decided to keep them at 8 cents a card. All for the love of World Postcard Day! :love_letter:

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@sonataca - Kudos for your kindness to Postcrossers in celebration of World Postcard Day! :clap: :bouquet: :hugs:

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PMing you!

The postcards are expected to arrive this Saturday. Please go ahead and get in touch with me if you need the cards.

I’m kind of worried that the cards won’t reach Canada in time for WPD… :grimacing:

The postcards have arrived! Get them fast, I’ll be mailing as soon as payment is received. To make things quick, please message me with the following info:

*How many cards you need?
*What payment method will work best for you?

150 cards remaining :grin:

aaaaaaaand we’re done! Thank you to everyone who ordered the cards. A whooping 3,000 postcards to 115 folks across the US and Canada. :astonished:

Have a great World Postcard Day, folks! :heart:


Instead of opening another thread, here I am again lol

Details on the first post for 2023! Let’s gooooooo


Thank you!! I’ll take 20 please.

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I’d love to take 20 please. Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

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