World Postcrossing Day 2023

Hello All,

World Postcrossing Day is coming soon :heart: & I’d love to get some of the official 2023 cards to send out. Where can I get some? Thanks in advance :mailbox_with_mail:

You can get some here

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Page is private

Was public yesterday. Maybe @sonataca is out of cards already?

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Dunno whose nerve I set my foot on, but I still do have WPD cards. Send me a message.

And thank you @marora for helping out!

I was clicking on in this message

Titled “Free WPD Cards…”

This is what happens:

It does the same for me now, I have no idea what happened to the thread and why is not accessible anymore.

Hi @Natasjake! Could you please translate your post to English, so that everyone can understand what you wrote? English is the forum language, as mentioned in the forum guidelines. If you want to write in other languages, you can do so in #communities and #meetups.

Yeah I noticed that as well, and as an author of the thread, I can’t access it either.

Would sending a request in to the Postcrossing team help?

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Eh, I’d have closed the thread this week anyway.

Thanks for coordinating and helping many people get their cards! Much appreciated :blush:

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