CLOSED 10-2-2024 Chinese New Year in Amsterdam

:world_map: CITY/REGION: NL Amsterdam
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Amsterdam CS
:calendar: DATE: Saturday 10th of February, 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:15-10:45 time can be adjusted (there is no timetable for the festivities yet, but last year it started at 11 o’clock.
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
(if you are new to attending meetups, please let me know. then we can inform you in advance, so you don’t get overwhelmed and come prepared that day)

Hi fellow Postcrossers,
on saturday 10th of February I’m organizing a meeting in Amsterdam on Chinese New Year’s Day. It’s the year of the dragon ,as was the year I’ve been born in.

On New Year’s Day, an parade with dragons and lions is held on the Zeedijk, the main artery of the district. These mighty animals have to drive away the evil spirits. Fireworks are also set off around this street and food stalls are organized in the open air. The music undoubtedly plays an important role, with drums, gongs and cymbals.
Most activities take place near the Nieuwmarkt. This district is also known as the Chinatown of Amsterdam. You will find a real Buddhist temple here: the Fo Guang Shan He Hua. The Chinese New Year celebration takes place at this Chinese temple every year.
One of the most widespread traditions is the poems and congratulations that are hung on the walls in the houses and shops. They are handwritten texts written on strips of red paper and contain cheerful messages of good wishes for the year to come.

We will meet up between 10.15-10.45AM at CS of Amsterdam.
See meetingpoint on photo: I’m Amsterdam visitors center.
I will be there at 10.15.

At 10.45 we walk (1,3 km) to the restaurant taking the route through Amsterdam China town. It’s probably crowded.

We’ll have lunch at 12.15 and afterwards we’ll start writing the postcards and the meetup books. We end the day around 16.00.

Lunch (without drinks)
We will lunch In de Waag op de Nieuwmarkt. Because we are a group, it is not possible to order and pay separately. The group menu for lunch depends on the season and will only be known in December/January, as will the price. Based on the current price, I estimate that lunch will cost approximately €17,50. And this will be paid in advance.

I would like to ask you to only register if you can actually come, otherwise you will have to pay cancellation costs unless someone else can take your place.

Two meetingcards are, with a big thank you, designed by @Rowena2403
The postcards will be paid in advance, you’ll receive the postcards at the meeting.

Postcard A

Postcard B

(*it’s not possible to order meetingcards if you’re not attending the meeting)

There will be room for 22 people

:white_check_mark: = betaald

1 Mar127 - 30x A en 25x B :dragon:

2 Cindy Peng (Taiwan) 2x A en 2x B :white_check_mark:

3 ElisaJ - 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark:

4 Jaynillo - Ilse - 3x A en 3x B :white_check_mark:

5 Suzannemartijn - Suzanne - 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark:

6 Healingsteps - Joyce - 15x A en 15x B :white_check_mark:

7 Piavano - Pia - 15x A en 11x B :white_check_mark:

8 Sylsillie - Sylvia - 25x A en 15x B :white_check_mark:

9 Helmamartens - Helma - 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark:

10 Itsdunnies- Dünja - 12xA en 12x B :white_check_mark:

11 Postcrossingbo - Bo - 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark:

12 Meidans - Maria - 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark:

13 Sarah1001- 15xA :white_check_mark:

14 Elena_Gloverr - Elena - 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark:

15 Melelo -Cindy - 15x A en 15x B :white_check_mark:

16 Blijdatikschrijf - Heleen - 23x A en 27x B :dragon: :white_check_mark:

17 Livelaughliveleafs - Helen - 25x A en 25x B :white_check_mark:

18 Dutchangel - Angela - 5x A en 5x B :white_check_mark:

19 Iranica - Ming (België) 15x A en 15x B :white_check_mark:

20 Soundstorm - Ellen- 20x A en 20x B :white_check_mark: en 5xA en 5xB :white_check_mark:

21 Leentjebuur - Leni - 10x A en 10x B :white_check_mark:

22 Pareltje - Ans - 20xA en 20xB :dragon: :white_check_mark:

:dragon: = geboren in een jaar van de draak.

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.


Would love to come =)

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Ja leuk… Ik wil graag komen…

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Ja , gezellig , ik wil graag komen op de meeting , 20 x kaart A en 20 x kaart B ,

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Lijkt me leuk!

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Ik kom ook graag. Bedankt voor de organisatie. :slight_smile:

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Ik kom graag! Grt Sylvia

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Ik wil heel graag komen.

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Count me in.

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Count me in please

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Sounds nice, I would love to join!

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Can’t come, but maybe someone can send me a card? Will pay back the favour of course :heart:

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Ik ben er ook graag bij!

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Ik zou wel februari op de kaarten vervangen door het Engelse February. Want er staat ook Saturday ipv zaterdag.

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Ik wil graag komen :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:
20xA, 20xB graag :sparkling_heart:

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Ga ik doen, dank voor je scherpe oog

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Please count me in

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Het jaar van de Draak! Mijn geboortejaar😄
Graag doe ik mee (als er nog plek is)

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Ja er is nog plek, het is ons jaar, dat moet samen gevierd worden. Leuk dat je er bij bent…

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Gezellig Cindy en tot zaterdag.

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