Christmas Stamps

What do you think of the new Aussie Christmas stamps? I’m feeling kinda…meh! But I like the Christmas Island ones in their full minisheet. I love a fun illustrated scene. Alone…they’re also a bit meh! :grimacing:


I like the first ones with the letters. The second ones with the stained glass windows are fine, if a little generic.

Some years, they put in a lot of effort to the Christmas stamps, other years, they seem to just be stock images.


I really love the plane stamp and FDOI postmark :heart_eyes:Can we swap a card with it?

These are our Xmas stamps in Germany this year and the FDOI postmarks:


Unfortunately I won’t be able to get that postmark easily Stancy. It comes pre-stamped on envelopes like these…

But there are no matching Maxicards for these stamps.

And as you can maybe see…the plane image is actually a minisheet including tte two Christmas Island Christmas stamps…it is, unfortunately, not an individual stamp.

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I didn’t mean maxicard, just the stamp on the back with the matching FDOI postmark, would that be possible?


I think there is a way that we can send cards off to Oz Post to get the matching postmark. But I have never done it before.

That postmark will not be available at my local post offices. It will only be available on Christmas Island and through mail order…and possibly at some larger city GPOs…but I’m not sure about that last part. The stamp bulletin doesn’t say specifically where it is available, sorry.

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I prefer secular Christmas stamps and I actually don’t mind the joy/peace/noël ones. Simple but classy :slight_smile:


some people are on the ball - i just came here with news of new stamp bulletin haha

the secular maxicards look better than the stamps …

and who knew 2022 was the international year of glass (united nations) - how did we not get a stamp release commemorating that this year?

re christmas island you have to send to chr is po to have them stamped - and that takes a while as from memory there are only a few flights in and out each week



Thanks for the tip Krystiina! I thought it might involve convoluted mechanisms. It’s a shame because it is a lovely postmark! Imagine needing to add another month to the travel time…in order to acquire this postmark before sending the cards off for Christmas! I’d need to start now…for next Christmas!!! :rofl:

The two that look like stained glass windows are absolutely beautiful. :heart_eyes:


I quite like the text ones, but the Christmas Island stamps are always the best ones!


Just a heads up that Auspost is talking about an eve nearlier posting deadline for international mail - looks to be 14 nov for economy mail - and to be honest who really can tell whether our christmas letters and cards are ‘economy air’ anyhow - if you’re super organised then mail for slower countries (or are they all slow :laughing: ?) then mid november is one deadline

and it’s really dificult to find their media release area these days


Thanks for the heads-up Krystiina!!

I have every intention of getting my Secret Christmas RR cards in the mail as soon as I get the addresses. Which, last year, was the beginning of November. I hope they come at that time again…because my Christmas swaps took forever last year!! :grimacing:

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Hi @stancy_starlight.
You can get a First Day Cover with the sheetlet stuck on it, with the FDOI postmark.
Is that something that would interest you?

I like these better than last year, at least there is some colour. I like to buy the embellised stamps, although they are adhesive, not my favourite.
I like the stained glass ones.
The Christmas Isalnd ones are always great fun. It’s a shame you can’t get them as maxi cards.

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I agrée. They’d make fantastic maxicards!

Christmas stamp day!!! :partying_face:
Who else is lining up at their local PO today?

Who else has noticed the queues are already getting longer in their local PO? It’s feeling a lot like Christmas is just around the corner!

Every single time I’ve been into a real PO lately there has been someone ahead of me on passport business. Photos, forms, whatever. I must be the only person left in Oz without a valid passport! :rofl:

My passport expired in October 2020, so I lined up to get a new one. I was the only applicant! They said that it would take three to four weeks to process, but I got it in less than 10 days!
I beat the rush :innocent: :rofl:

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Ok I went to the post office today for my Xmas shipping and I got to wonder:

Why send these?

when you can send these!! :arrow_down::cupid::cupid:



Haha @FoTiS…I got a few of those minisheets…but not as many as you!! :rofl:
Would you even have space for an address once you plastered the whole minisheet on a postcard? I nearly used a minisheet as postage once, on an oversized postcard, but changed my mind…the person wanted text.

I think the staff member who served me was having fun going through the Christmas philatelic goodies with me!