Christmas/holiday stamps

I dont see the 1.45 stamps for sale via the RM website but it looks like I’ll have to annoy my local post office :grinning: thank you for the heads up

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I annoyed my post office too because you can’t buy sheets of them online for some reason…! I need to go again today for a top up of supplies.

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Started to day to use the December stamps from Postnl


Postcrossers are going to be fighting over this one :star_struck:

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 12.46.21 PM


I received these in the last week

Yes, I am sending out cards with Christmas/winter stamps.
It can take weeks for a postcard to arrive, and the post
slows down over December. Many of them will arrive
in January.


Currently using the following. Mostly new issues.
The Santas and the Polar Bear are old issues. But depends on who gets them. Lol




This year’s Holiday Delights are so cheerful. And I love that they’re full bleed in red – so striking on postcards!

I love the Our Lady of Guápulo stamps cuz she reminds me so much of Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz movie.


Jackpot today! Even cuter in person


I got this beautiful stamp from Estonia :slight_smile:


I’m so envious! Singapore seldom has Christmas stamps, and they are usually released alongside other festivals celebrated locally. Christmas isn’t a big tradition that is celebrated here… :frowning_face:

The tropical weather probably has something to do with it? It’s hard to crave hot cocoa or think of snowmen when the aircon never turns off. I visited during a November and forgot all about the concept of “winter” until returning home :hot_face::airplane::cold_face:

Regarding Christmas in Singapore, only 18 % are Christians and likely the only ones that celebrate it. In Asia, your majority Christian nations are The Philippines and East Timor. There are other Christians in Asia but their numbers are small.

It appears to be an Ugly Christmas sweater style.

What do those extra numbers in stamps mean? Like the shooting star stamp with 60 and 30. :thinking:

A beautiful stamp, but I am shocked by the price: an international stamp 1,90 €? Last time I was aware sending cards from Estonia cost 1,40-1,50 €.

No wonder, that there are not much Postcrossers in Estonia :cry:

The first number is the denomination, the other number is a charity amount.

Here you pay 90 cents, but the denomination is only 60 cents.


I loved these holiday stamps very much. They are quite old and difficult to buy now.

This is my collection of New Year and Christmas stamps :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


Oh, this year i could not do many visits and meeting with my friends and relatives because of the virus. That’s why i spent much money and sent a lot of postcards and envelopes using Merry Christmas and Happy New Year stamps. I’d like to show latest 3 years stamps from Belarus that are dedicated to these holidays. They are superb :heart_eyes: