Chocolate Postcards

Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience in sending Chocolate Bar Postcards,

I have friend who’s birthday coming up and wish to send them a bar of chocolate, problem is they are currently living in Japan.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in sending small amounts of food through the post? Customs Arrangements?

I came across these, they sound like a great idea:


United Kingdom:

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I wonder if you can put a stamp and address on a chocolate and mail it… I want to try that now lol

I just noticed you mentioned food. It’s not the same but my pen pal from Russia mailed me a bag of tea in an envelope.

I can vouch for the Canada Chocolate postcards. Having both delivered them and mailed them. They will safely arrive and NOW is the perfect time to mail them. The weather will keep them at a nice temperature. And my oh my! They are delicious! With so many unique flavours. Especially the one with the chips on it😋


I think sending those chocolate bar postcards internationally would be tricky. Normally, international packages require a customs declaration, especially if it contains food. You can send food in a small parcel though (with some restrictions on certain types of food). But, it can be expensive and would be cheaper to Paypal/Venmo your friend money to buy chocolate locally. :sweat_smile:

It would be so cool to receive one of these chocolate postcards though.


Sending food is usually not a problem so long you check if the country allows the import of that food, and you include customs declaration (and remember to mark it as a gift), but I am really doubtful about chocolate postcards ability to survive the travel. We usually have to use bubble wrap for the food items or they will arrive mashed. The temperature changes during the travel often also spoils the chocolate so even though it will still be edible, it might not be as good as it was when sent. Chocolate also melts easily so definitely not good idea for summer time mail…

So I would recommend to send chocolate in small bubble wrap envelope instead of as a postcard. That might cost more, but the travel will go better.


If I remember correctly, some countries also have problems with items containing milk. So milk chocolate might be a problem for some countries, while dark chocolate or “vegan” chocolate would not.

You could also just try it, maybe it passes through because people don’t know what it is or are feeling generous that day.

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Hi all,

Thank you for the replies,
It is a nice concept,

Now is probably not the best time to post food, especially chocolate Internationally,

One: Customs Arrangements, (my chosen destination Japan has strict import requirements).

Two: Due to the Pandemic, travel times are not what they used to be, and it cannot be guaranteed that it will arrive punctual and in the same condition.

… It will just be a birthday card this year.

Might still buy a few of these chocolate postcards, for domestic mail, might mail some to friends, family, colleagues and myself to test it out.

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I once received a chocolate postcard years ago for christmas from a penpal in Latvia. Arrived totally fine. For Japan probably quite difficult

Posting locally, you should know it may disappear. My sister once sent me some Christmas cookies from Norway, when I lived in England. The letter had been opened, for inspection I guess. In the plastic wrapper, usually containing three cookies, only one was left. I had to ask her if she’d been so cheap she’d taken the others herself, but she hadn’t…!

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