Chinese language help

i have a postcard written totally in chinese and wonder what it says.

Google Translate has a function on mobile where it will request to use your camera and scan the card.

Or, you can take a photo and ask the Chinese geographical community if they could translate it :slight_smile:

You can go to this topic:

I’m sure someone will help you here. It’s the best place for requests like that. It’s the only place where it’s allowed to show the text-side of a card.


If you need translate ,I can do that.

I’ d like to help :smiley:

I have downloaded the Google Lens app and use it, like you said, for translating. Sometimes I have to run the photo through a few times to get a logical translation but it’s a good place to start. I am surprised more people don’t use it around here.

I’m going to close this topic, as there’s already a topic in the forum where one can ge help, as @reisegern has mentioned already.