Cards you wish were made

Is there a series of postcards that you wish could be produced? My granddaughter LOVES the Little People, Big Dreams series of books. They are brightly illustrated, simplified biographies of world and life changing people. The publishers do bookmarks to match the books so I asked if they would make postcards but no joy so far :unamused: Anyone else looking for a collection that doesn’t exist?

UPDATE: I’ve asked for postcards but they are choosing to put tiny books into McDonald’s Happy Meals! DOH!!! Nice little book, though.


I would say: Yes and no!
Yes as there are postcards I was looking for, but I used fiverr to let them be created and I found some sites to print them … in the end they cost about 0,86 €, which is totally fine for something that matches what I wanted.
It was some nerdy gaming card, hehe.


I did wonder about sets like baseball cards that were so popular when I was young. Pokemon cards. Even simple playing cards. The possibilities are endless! If I could get passed copyright, I would print, print, print!! :wink:


Yes!, but mostly featuring weird things so I would be the only costumer.
I wish there was a postcard series about the chemical elements, beautiful illustrations of things considered ugly (mold, rust) or scary demons doing banal things (like doing the dishes).


There is a great box with all chemical elements, and they´re very fun to collect:


Yes, I wish there were postcards from this children’s picture book, I morgentåkedalen :star_struck: I think of this every time someone has children’s books in their wish lists :joy:


I wish more space-themed cards were made! The last ones that were easy for me to get were Auspost’s Lunar Eclipse maxicards but I never picked any up :frowning:


I have been looking for postcards with Miniature American Shepherds, but the breed is still kind of unknown and most often mixed up with Australian Shepherds (which makes sense because technically MAS is just smaller version).

Now that the books were mentioned, I would love to have some more illustration cards of books (and video games) I enjoy. I have seen few special editions that come with postcard sizes art prints, but if you ask me that should be way more common thing!


I wish there was a series of the evolution of mankind from single called organisms to walking on 2 feet into the 21st century. I have even thought about creating one myself but it would greatly strain my artistic skills


I would 100% buy those demon cards. I like your style.


Saint postcards😇

The lives of the Saints greatly inspired me when I was a little girl.

I would :heart: to find some!


I would love postcards with drawings of microorganisms and cells. I have some with watercoloured cells of animals, but I’d really love to see some more and also more variety. Though it might not be so easy finding someone whom I could send them to (already difficult for those beautiful watercoloured cells). :sweat_smile:


The US Postal Service has just come out with some “Life Magnified” stamps I think you’d like! It would be better if they had done a series of postcards to match. I would definitely have purchased those!


There is a similar stamp series by Deutsche Post. I like most of those stamps, but I’d rather have some beautiful, arty ciliate or amoeba postcards :slight_smile:
I even thought about drawing some myself, but I’m never happy with the outcome (I’ve tried).

I would like postcards of lesser known books like those by Elizabeth Goudge - The Little White Horse, Linnets & Valerians, etc . I’d also love Milly-Molly-Mandy and also just lots more retro themed toys and TV from the 80s and 90s like Care Bears, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Grange Hill, Byker Grove, Sylvanian Families, She-Ra, Blue Peter…

I’d also like a vintage magazine/comic range - sometimes you can find these or cards of specific covers. I’d like Bunty, Mandy, Judy, Just 17, Mizz, Girl’s Own Paper, Woman, etc.


Was there someone in particular on Fiverr that you recommend? There are so many freelancers there, Do you have any suggestions for how to pick an artist there?

TIA=Thanks in Advance

I can not recommend any specific creator, as we all need different stuff.

It depends on what you are looking for. Always check what they already created and take one of their own pictures to explain what style you are looking for.

In my case, i wanted some childish, cute looking representation of Zelda and many items from the old school Nintendo universe.

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Great tips, Thank you

i have used pages from comic books. Printed them on demand, no issues.

We had the German city card series by Jacques Tilly which I relly liked:

I don’t think it will ever happen, but my secret dream is having these as a Christmas edition with Christmas trees and lights and Christmas markets.