Card in envelope request

I have only sent one card so far and it has been received. I have asked to send another. This user’s profile requests I send the card inside a greeting card in an envelope. I assume I am to just send a blank postcard inside the card? Any advice is welcome. Thanks


Is this about an official Postcrossing (a random address you received from the site) or a direct swap (the member sent you a message and offered a swap)? If it is official, then you are only required to send a postcard. It doesn’t need to be in envelope or involve any extras. It is up to you what you want to write on the card, but generally the cards are sent written.
If it is about direct swap then the details are between you and the partner.

And also, welcome to Postcrossing :slight_smile: I hope you will have fun!


My only advice is that you don’t have to fulfil this request if you don’t want to. Your only obligation is to send a postcard. Usually they are written and stamped.

Have fun and happy Postcrossing! :slight_smile:


so the user is asking for two cards? then you definitely dont have to do that, it’s not how pc works.

however sometimes people ask for cards in envelopes because they have received a lot of damaged postcards before or they collect stamps. in that case i do sometimes put my card in an envelop, as it doesnt cost me anything extra. but again, that is not something you have to do.


If a user requests blank cards I almost never do that. I think it’s for free cards he can send out as his cards - which is okay for Postcard trades, but Postcrossing is something else.

But then the topic is set: I write a postcard describing why he shouldn’t ask for blank cards, basically describing Postcrossing a bit.


Unless they say they want it blank, I think you should assume they want it written, but sent in an envelope so it will not be damaged. But why they are asking for you to also send a greeting card is a head-scratcher. I personally would notify the admins in this case, because the Postcrosser really needs to change their profile if they are asking people to send them greeting cards and postcards (either blank or written).


This is for a Postcrossing not a swap because I am too green to even know what that means. :grinning:

I looked at their profile and it says: I ask only to send postcards in an envelope! …then goes on about how they also like greeting cards and what kind etc etc

I joined to send postcards and I thought that was why others joined as well. If I do put it in an envelope/card to me it defeats the purpose of the postcard.

So to be clear, you are saying it’s OK I just send the postcard without the envelope/greeting card? I don’t want to be the newbie who isn’t doing it right.


I am a bit confused by this. The only person who has received a card from you does not request cards in envelopes or blank cards - so I assume you are not talking about them. If you just drew another address of a Postcrosser who has this request on their profile, it is entirely up to you whether you fulfill it or not. I send nearly all my cards written with no envelope.

as long as you put a stamp on a postcard and send it to the right person there is absolutely nothing you can do wrong.


Hi there. It can be very confusing at first. Firstly, you don’t need to wait for your first postcard to be received before you ask for another address. In your case, you are allowed to send five, and I would encourage you to do so at this time of year when global mail is so slow.

Secondly, there are many many postcrossers out there who have strange demands on their profiles. Don’t send me this. Send me that. You can safely ignore ALL of these demands!

All you are required to do, is send A postcard to the person whose address you just got. You can send them whatever postcard you like. You can write a message on the card, or not, it’s entirely up to you. Envelopes are not required/demanded/necessary, it’s entirely up to YOU! It’s quite liberating really…


@ Bowyum Because I’m new…Where can you see who I have sent cards to? Is it on my profile?

To me it sounds like they prefer a card, postcard or folded card, in an envelope.

It’s up to you if you want to send the card in an envelope or not.

(Personally, for me it’s a small thing to put the card in an envelope and make someone happy. But as others have pointed out, you don’t have to.)


Yes. Everyone can see everyone else’s “sent” and “received” list if they visit your profile. “Traveling” cards are only visible to you.

OK thanks everyone for the advice. This is quite an active group!

I’m hoping my newness wears off quickly. :smiley:


I agree with everyone else that you are only required to send 1 postcard. And you can send it written or unwritten, with or without an envelope. Choosing to follow someone’s requests/demands are entirely up to you - you are not required to do so if you don’t want to.

Since I don’t know who you’re sending a card to and can’t see their profile, I wonder if they are really asking for a postcard and a greeting card. Maybe they are just letting people know that during this time of year, they are also open to receiving a greeting card instead of a postcard? Some people like to receive Christmas cards during the holidays and would happily accept them instead of a postcard. But I know that some countries have to pay more to send mail in an envelope instead of a postcard, so again, up to you whether you want to or not. :wink:

Belated welcome to Postcrossing! :wave: I hope you have a lot of fun here. :smile:

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I won’t repeat that all you have to send is a postcard, as you want it, and that’s the only requirement - because others have said so already :slight_smile:

I would also point you to the sites’ FAQs: Help and F.A.Q.

What can I send on Postcrossing?

Postcrossing is a postcard exchange community, so each exchange that you make must include at least one postcard. It can be a postcard you bought in a store or a handmade postcard, as long as it hasn’t been previously used.

If you want, you can also send other things with your postcard (for instance, a letter, photo or pamphlet). However, this isn’t required nor expected of you: the only thing you have to send in Postcrossing is a postcard

Should I send my postcard in an envelope?

Postcards are usually mailed without an envelope. So, by default, if you’re sending a postcard to another member, mail it without an envelope. Most members prefer to receive their postcards this way.

However, in some countries, postal services may require postcards to travel in envelopes, or there might be clear advantages to that method of sending them (protection from likely damage or curious eyes, etc.). Some members indicate this on their profile. If you can, try to follow the recipient’s recommendations.

Keep in mind that in many countries, the postage is more expensive to send a postcard with an envelope than without it (plus the cost of the envelope). Both methods are acceptable, so it’s up to you to decide how to send your postcards.

It is actually more open to envelopes than I remembered - especially if they are asked because of the potential loss or damage of the card without an envelope.

If that is not the reason, I personally don’t like to send in envelope, it makes the postcard a bit less of a postcard to me. That said, you used to do it to be extra nice to the recipient when I lived somewhere where the cost was exactly the same with or without envelope. Nowadays, sending in envelope costs me exactly twice as much than sending without, so I don’t do it (it is not a large amount but it’s still twice as much).

Many people want their postcard sent in an envelope. My question is, do you write a postcard like normal, address and stamp it as if you are mailing it, but put in envelope instead? Or do you send them a blank postcard and write a letter instead?

I’ve been writing on the postcard and then putting that in an envelope if I can.
I can’t always do that but I know it does help to protect the card!

Generally people expect you to write to them on the postcard unless they explicitly say otherwise and would most often happen if you were involved in a direct swap with them & exchanging blank cards, not on an official Postcrossing card.

People ask for postcards in envelopes for a variety of reasons - some for privacy, some so they can save the stamps from an envelope, some to protect the card & make sure it gets there - in some postal services, envelopes are more likely to arrive/survive than postcards.

There are lots of reasons people ask for envelopes & if you can do it, great, but it’s not required.


Official site/tags/RRs: You don’t have to stamp it like normal…that would mean you’d be doubling the cost (stamps on card, stamps on envelope), and that’s not fair. You don’t have to put the address on the card (you can use the entire backside for your message without wasting space for the address). And you don’t have to send a letter.
If the recipient is requesting unwritten, usually people will include a small piece of paper (note paper) with the card ID, or tag/RR name, & their username. Some will include a short message.

Now, of course, having said all that, it really depends on you. If you’d like to make it look like a regular postcard, and/or include a letter, go for it!

Personally, I use washi-tape and stickers to decorate, and I use the entire card for my message (I don’t add the address on the card). Sometimes, I might put cancelled US stamps where the stamp should be, but that’s only if I have some lying around. If the recipient wants an unwritten card, I include a note paper telling what the card is for (official/tag/RR/etc.), and a short greeting and well wishes.

As for Swaps: Depends on what you & your swap partner agree to. If you’re not sure what your partner wants, just ask. :wink: