Canceled :: merging with Renton meetup

Please see this thread to continue.

Here we are! Updated!
I made up three types of cards. Give me some votes on which one to use. I will probably print each of them just to see how they turned out due to curiosity.

First two images go with the back portion just after them.
Last image has its back following it too .

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You may not be aware of the logo user manual that got updated last year, the logo can’t be placed on blue background.

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Thank you, I will update this.

Happy to help. You should also include the trademark notice when using the logo. You can review the updated guidelines here.
Good luck with the meetup!


I updated the MeetUp cards with a few different ideas. Photo is my photo of the LAST photo card - thus it has the back the corresponds. Reviewed guidelines and believe all rules have been followed regarding Postcrossing logo.