Canada Post no longer issuing new Lunar New Year stamps?

Dear all Canadian postcrossing-er,

I apologize in advance for making a fuss in this post. But I really feel disappointed and even somehow pissed that Canada Post probably won’t issue any more Lunar New Year stamp?

Since I’m Chinese, I’ve been anticipating the new stamp of the year of the Tiger for long time and I’ve been checking the official website and social media of Canada Post, but I didn’t find any evidence of its issue date or I can’t even make sure if they are going to issue it. And I just found that they published an announcement of their event of introducing the first new stamp of 2022 on their Instagram account which is NOT about lunar new year but on other topic. Canada Post has been issuing the Chinese New Year stamps ever since 1997 but I don’t know why on earth they cut off this series this year. And the last time of they issued a zodiac sign stamp was in 2020, which is the year of the Rat.

I don’t know if I’m too much sensitive or overthinking but I can’t stop attributing this (possible?) termination of Chinese New Year series to the outbreak of Covid pandemic and the discrimination against Asian community ever since that?? I know it’s groundless to presume it’s the reason behind it but honestly I can’t imagine any other reasonable explanation.

Can anyone please gently tell me what to do? I know I’m supposed to wait for it more patiently to see if they will finally issue it or not. However, all the stamps of Lunar New Year from the past came out around mid-January, but it’s not the case this year… And I’m also thinking about writing an inquiry letter their head office…

Again, I’m sorry for this post which looks anxious and disappointed, but I don’t really know where else I could ask for help😰

Thanks everyone in advance for kind replies.


You could write the President Doug Ettinger Xinyu & ask - it’s possible they might still be coming, but we don’t know at this point.

And I would assume just a lack of funding for more new stamps is likely the cause. The retiring Director of Stamp Services said 2022 was going to be a smaller year in terms of stamp issues sadly.

Here’s the address:

2701 Riverside Dr
Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1

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Thank you Lynn!

I know I should keep waiting it as we don’t know their exact agenda eh? But to be honest, all I am wondering is just that why nearly all ethnic/religious group will still get their new observance stamp of their culture/religion this year but not Chinese New Year stamp for East Asian people…? Sorry again for my sentiment of unease…

I can understand why you might feel that way Xinyu and there are lots of other ethnic groups that don’t have stamps.

Let’s see what we can find out okay?

Okay I really appreciate it. I’ll try to write to them and find it out.

I just asked the question on their Twitter feed, let’s see if I get an answer.

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I believe they are done issuing the Chinese new year. It was a “run” and now complete (as far as I understand).

Maybe they will pick it up again one day but it does not look like there are plans for any this year.

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Thank you Brenda!

Yeah I guess they’re probably done with it, but it just makes me feel weird that they didn’t officially announce it last year…? Or maybe I missed something from them?

Stamp line ups are planned many many years in advance so I do not think it has anything to do with current events (or discrimination).

There are lists available that show the planned topics for this years stamps:

The “Details” magazine also announces upcoming releases:

So I think we are out of luck this year but certainly worth petitioning for them to bring it back in future years. If a topic is popular enough they may bring it back.

As I mentioned I know I am being sensitive and overthinking :sweat_smile:Thank you for providing these handy information, it really helps a lot.

No, I do not think there was an official announcement it was ending. There was a Commemorative sheet featuring all the stamps issued thus far in the series and that was the “conclusion” to the run (and indicated to me there would be no more, even though they never officially SAID that, that I saw).

No worries!
Over thinking and being sensitive are some of my traits as well!!
(But in the case of these stamps I think the end of this run was planned well before the virus appeared. And it is poor timing by chance.) I am sad it is over too, I was looking forward to the Year of the Tiger.

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FYI - here’s the list for Chinese New Year stamps - they’ve been issued for 23 years (22 separate stamps & last year a re-issue of the last 12 of that one series)

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Thanks soooo much that amazing info site! I’m using Postage stamp guide as a reference as well.

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Haha thank you again Brenda, it really really makes me feel better. And a Canadian-style SORRY again for overwhelming everyone with my bad mood tonight🤣

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@Eosynthia, it’s no problem. I too was looking forward to buying some Year of the Tiger stamps in February and am disappointed to learn here that there won’t be any.

It looks like the last such release was in January 2021 – Canada Post released a booklet showcasing 24 of their Lunar New Year stamps, ending with the Year of the Rat 2020.

However, one possibility is that you could check with local post offices to see if they have any of the Lunar New Year booklets. I got a single booklet of 12 permanent stamps (it’s called “The Lunar New Year Cycle”) from a sub-post office in a pharmacy here in Victoria, BC. (You’ll notice that they’re different from the ones in the booklet that I linked to!) Unfortunately I’ve already used most of them (for example, I sent the Tiger one to a Japanese friend because she celebrates her new year on Jan. 1st, and the Ox to a friend who was born in the Ox year), but I’m attaching pics of my booklet with 3 stamps still left in it.

I’m sorry this is the best option we have. I would love it if Canada Post continued to issue these stamps. Many cultures share this zodiac with China and it would be awesome to count on having these every year.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, Julia!

Another reason for being eager to get the new Lunar New Year stamps is because I participate a chain card group whose theme is 2022 year of the Tiger :joy: I’m supposed to use these stamps for my group members, so I don’t want to let them down either. But I guess I still have to tell them about this bad news :flushed:

Can you have stamps printed of your own design or photo in Canada?

Then maybe you could still have tiger stamps for your chain card group, Eosynthia?!

I, too, think there can never be enough tiger stamps, as tigers are my favourite animals. :heart: :heart: :heart:

That said, I get little snailmail from Canada :slightly_frowning_face: and if I do it is rarely with special stamps. :frowning_face:

Good luck to you!

@Eosynthia, I hope the members of your group are understanding about it. We’ve been seeing these stamps for such a long time, it was natural for us all to assume they would continue forever! Everyone loves getting them, too!

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That’s doable haha! But in fact, the personalized stamps in Canada cost a lot. I was ever thinking about getting those originally designed stamps with a photo of my dog, but the price was really prohibitive… I think these stamps are usually used for a wedding invitation which worth the price.