Canada Post - Issues with Ordering Stamps Online

I’ve ben trying to order postage stamps online through Canada Post for the last month or so and I have yet to be able to place an order. I always ordered online and never had any trouble until now. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced any issues?

One issue I’m experiencing is adding a booklet of stamps from the store page to my cart and, when I hit “checkout”, I get an error that the stamps are not available. This happens with every single type of stamp in their store. One time, it let me place the order and I received an order confirmation email. Then, hours later, I received another email saying my order has been cancelled as the stamps weren’t available.

I imagine there is something going on, likely related to COVID, but even in 2020 and before December last year, I never had any issues ordering online.

I’ll also take discussion about how broken the store website is ever since they changed their web address. I’m constantly getting load errors and even experienced a 404 error when I clicked on the shopping cart last night! I’ve tried multiple browsers too :slight_smile:


They’ve been having serious web issues since the new web site came out last Aug - it’s mind boggling it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Sometimes the online store works, but often it doesn’t.

One of the other issues is all the stamps that aren’t available anymore often are still visible online & I got excited the 1st couple of times & tried to order them, but they’re not available of course. It’s quite bizarre.

They suggest you do your orders by phone instead at 1-866-607-6301.


I’ve also had issues lately. I placed an order in October that just never arrived & a month later I was refunded. Glad I got the refund, but I wanted the stamps :unamused:

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Yes, I had similar experience as @LC-Canada
I ordered online from Canada Post 4 times so far.
I had issue only one time - after the order was placed, nothing happened for a week and then later they canceled my order. I called them and they asked me to place the order again.
Also the site shows many stamps, but when you try to place the order, it says the stamp is not available.
It is quite frustrating, because I really wanted to order some of those nice stamps (which are not available in the post offices near me) which I know for sure will make some of the postcrossers (who will receive it on their postcards) very happy.


You need to keep track through a list like this one - half of these at least are sold out now & there are some older ones still available but yes, it’s hard to know & quite frustrating.


Thank you @LC-Canada
This is a very neat solution to keep track of the stamps!
Nowadays, every week I browse Canada Post site to see any new issues and if I like that series, I immediately plan to place order for it (even some extra) before they run of it later. I can then use them to send postcards to the people who may like to receive it.

And here is most of the list for 2022:

Canada Post doesn’t give out pictures ahead of time sadly, but here’s a fairly complete subject list for 2022.

I sat in on a webinar hosted by Canadian Stamps News in Oct 2021 & they had Canada Post’s Stamp Services Director Jim Phillips on as he is about to retire & he shared most of the new stamp list for 2022 - it will be much shorter than 2021 - so here it is - not sure about the order.

Oh and there will be no usual stamp price increase in Jan 2022 - could happen later in the year.

-Black History - Jazz & Blues singers - these come out next week:

 Eleanor Collins

 Salome Bey

-Flowers - white & deep pink calla lilies

-Organ & tissue donation

-Endangered whales

-Vintage travel posters (5 of them - 1 per region)

-Indigenous leaders (1st year of 2) - 3 stamps, each one chosen by First Nations, Métis & Inuit groups

-Vintage carousels

-50th anniversary of the 1972 Team Canada hockey team

-Canadians in Flight Part 2

-Tommy Prince - Indigenous WWII hero - Remembrance Day

-Truth & Reconciliation stamp

-Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Wow, this is so cool!
I already have a few favorites :laughing:

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Thank you for the great tips! I’ll have to see about phoning in an order. I’m glad to know it’s not just me. The list of 2022 stamps looks promising!

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It’s so frustrating! Like, let me give you my money! haha :slight_smile:


I did have this problem once before! I haven’t tried since though.

My current biggest frustration is that when you click on the postcard section, it likes to pretend the daisy postcards are still available. Then the page reloads and they’re gone. It’s so disappointing every time, because daisies are my favourite flower :pleading_face:

Thank you for sharing the stamp list @LC-Canada ! I’m excited to see the carousel and travel poster ones!! :heart_eyes:

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Hi Lynn, thank you for sharing the list! But I didn’t see year of the Tiger among it. :exploding_head: Does that mean they won’t issue it this year? Omg I’m waiting it for my chain card :cold_sweat:

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It certainly seems like the store is displaying a variety of products that are actually out of stock. I’m not sure what they have going on over there but hopefully they get their stuff together soon!


It’s not clear to me yet & I haven’t found any updated lists anywhere yet.

It may be considered a regular stamp like Far & Away which they supposedly update every 2 years, so that may be why it wasn’t mentioned - I’m not sure.

I’m keeping a lookout for a new list with dates that might have a few others. Director Philips did say 2022 was going to be a smaller year in terms of new stamps. We’ll see.

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They’re sold out - they won’t likely be back ever.

Thank you! From the history, the stamps of lunar new year are supposed to be issued around mid-January, that’s all I know. I really wish they won’t let me and Asian community down haha


I hope so too given they jammed out last year on a new one. And despite having one of the larger Chinese populations outside of China, we seem slow vis a vis issuing these stamps every year.


It makes me so sad that I missed so many great stamps and postcard collections, just by nature of when I got interested in philately and mail! But I guess that’s the risk of getting a new hobby at any time.

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Well if any really interest you - there are stamps sellers/collectors out there that sell sold out stock & sometimes you can get decent prices on Ebay. You have to check the prices carefully because sometimes the price is just too high unless you’re a serious collector.

Yes, I am still discovering older stamps that I like & can sometimes make into postcards or use in my postcard or ATC(artist trading cards) art.

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Hi Jami, here is a website that I highly recommend you to check out! They updated the information of every single stamp issued by Canada and US Post from their very beginning of postal history. And you may also find the access to buy the old stamps that you’re interested in on their page.