Buying stamps from other countries before traveling

Hello Postcrossing community!

I’m hoping to travel to Russia next year. It will be as part of a tour, and in my experience I won’t have the time to go to a post office. I would really like to stock up on postcard stamps before I go.

I seem to remember an old thread about an online source for international stamps. However, my Internet searches lead me to sites for collectors, not for new stamps. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance!

This dutch online shop has a large variety of mint russian stamps. Or you could find out if there is a philately shop somewhere near you. You can find them in most larger cities in germany. They do also have unused stamps. Not all collectors collect cancelled stamps :wink:
Or maybe russian post has an online shop and ships internationally?

Can’t help with your exact question, but some ideas:

  • Wonder if a Russian PCer will swap or sell you unused stamps. Maybe ask in the Russian community forum? Need help from Russian users? Ask here! - #50 by Nethra
  • Your hotel front desk may have stamps available. Could contact them in advance to find out
  • When I visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg, post offices were easy to find. Harder to acquire was tourist postcards, especially in Moscow. I did find some, but I had to try many stores

Good luck with your trip! If you like sweets, be sure to try medovik (honey cake) :fork_and_knife: :yum:

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I can’t help with Russia specifically as I’ve never been there but when I was on vacations, even with tour groups, most of the time there was a post office nearby and also a lot of the tourist shops sold stamps.

I just checked over there and I’ve got the impression that this is also for collectors and that the prices of a stamp are quite expensive. But I might be wrong. But I also think that there are other possibilties to buy stamps either at the hotel or cardshop or maybe through other postcrossers.
Have a safe trip and nice holiday when you travel to Russia @ColorfulCourtney

I think You should not buy stamps in advance, the cost of sending a postcard may vary after one year . I think it’s easy to find post office in Russia. Where you will go in Russia?
I have similar problem , I need american stamp to send my card back from America , but I’m in Italy :relieved:

Habe you tried this?

Thank you! I had not seen this site before and I think they may be able to help me.

Thank you also to the other people who responded. To answer some questions: On the tour we will be on the river Ob, which aside from Novosibirsk and Salechard doesn’t go to many places of much size and I can’t rely on the residents speaking either English or German. Because we don’t speak Russian I don’t plan to break away from the group and start searching for stamps! Again in my experience sometimes the tour operator offers a stamp/post office run service and sometimes not. Maybe it’s the Girl Scout in me – I just think it pays to be prepared if possible!


Actually I went on the forum today to ask the same thing :sweat_smile:I will go to the maldives again and I am looking for stamps online.

Last time, I could only get stamps at the hotel (because hotel =island), but they sold them double price than the face value was and didn’t have nice cards. I only leave the island on my way to the airport. they had postcards but no stamps :see_no_evil: so i will need to buy stamps beforehand as well…
I thought of asking a postcrosser from the maldives, but hardly any seems active.

Of course you know whether you have time or not, but I always found that doing routine things (like going to the post office) in other countries enriched my travel experience.

Have you tried going on line and looking for the official Russian Postal website? I’ve bought stamps from USPS dot com, but I live here so it was easy.
I have bought collector stamps from the Royal Mail (the UK, Dr. Who Stamps) and from the Austrian Post office (an Arnold Schwarznegger stamp issued when he was the governor of my native country of California) and had good experiences with both transactions.