British Isles Tags - Thank You Thread

Thank you @Natea for this Reverse Tag card. Shout out to the local artist who drew this (Liverpool Art Co)
Very cool stamp (1967 Machin)


Thank you @jobloggs for the card from Pembroke Castle, long term haunt of Henry VII.
It is a very beautiful part of :wales: ~ haven’t been for years….


BI I spy

@jobloggs thankyou for the beautiful view of Tenby . A few years ago I used to go there regularly on holiday . I’d forgotten how lovely it is :slightly_smiling_face:


British Isles Word Chain Reverse Tag: many thanks to @BriJN for your lovely David Gentleman postcard of Tower Bridge with HMS Belfast! Having lived in London for a year I know a few non-tourist spots too, which definitely comes in handy!


Thanks to @mwntimperial for this fantastic meet-up card. I love these cards, one day I hope to get to a meeting! Thanks :star_struck:


Special thanks to @mwntimperial for sending me this postcard, it has loads of my favourite things all in one illustration, lighthouse, cat, postbox the sea! Thanks so much, I hope I can find more of these types of postcard in the future!


A big thank you from me for 5 fabulous cards for the “I Spy” tag! I just want to thank everyone for joining in with the 2 new BI tags and chain lottery - with the wonderful BI tag, RRs and BITE, we now have so many ways to send cards to each other at a more reasonable inland rate! :hugs:

Thanks @EmmaG for this lovely card made from your own photos! Cornwall is so beautiful and you’ve captured it so well! As always, the back of the card is so creative with the water theme and watery stamps!

Thanks @MoominMog for this gorgeous kitty who looks like a posher version of my Luna :joy_cat: I’m so sorry you can’t have a cat! Your hedgehog washi is absolutely adorable!!

Thanks @BriJN for this funny book- related card and fab book washi tape! Sounds like you had fun in London! Oh I’m terrible for buying new books for my kindle, Amazon keep sending me 99p offers, who can resist??!!

Last but certainly not least, 2 seaside theme cards from @JoF - we love Scarborough, as you say it’s old fashioned but it feels like the quintessential British seaside experience!

I haven’t been to Kent (other than travelling through on the way to Europe!) but have heard good things about it so must visit! I absolutely love this “travel poster” style of postcard!


Received this beautiful card of the Aurora Borealis in the British Isles I-Spy Tag from @mwntimperial Elisabeth, many thanks Andi. x


Thanks @jamcrackers for this brilliant card showing Cardiff in the 4 seasons - as you may have seen on my profile, this is one of my favourite card types, i love seeing the contrast!! The little pops of colour in the black and white photos are fab!


Love this @mwntimperial and first day of issue stamped too :slight_smile: transport & the postal system perfect! I’m earlies this week I’ll be like you, needing caffeine!!
Thanks again!


Thank you @jobloggs for this fab ‘Coronation’ card for the I Spy Tag! I don’t have anything like it already, so it really is a great addition to my Royal collection :blush::blush::blush: great stamps & stickers too, thank you x


Lots of thank yous to give today!

Firstly, thank you @jobloggs for a duo of seaside-themed cards for the Tag and the I-Spy Tag.

I feel sure I must have bern to Solva but not for a long time. I went to St. David’s a lot in 2021 when a mix-up meant we couldn’t stay in our usual place but it was so busy due to COVID we didn’t get to explore the area as much as we’d have liked. It looks gorgeous and I’m so glad you enjoyed your recent trip. I will put it on my to-visit list. Great stamps and Welsh flag stickers, too!

And thank you for these iconic beach houses and matching washi tape! I haven’t been to Scarborough but would like to. When my husband was little his grandparents hired a beach hut in Dorset close to their home and so he spent a lot of time in them, but I have never been inside one!

Thank you @MartynHst43277 for ‘something mythical’ for the I-Spy Tag! There are still a few bluebells out in Kent and I have loved seeing them. Such a lovely picture! An embarrassing fact about me is that when I was little I collected hedgehogs. Glad you enjoyed Eurovision and thank you so much for the beautiful card, stamps and also the postbox and mermaid stickers!


2 lovely cards to thank for today!

For the word chain tag, this great Harry Potter PHQ card with 2 of my favourite characters! Thanks Claire for offering this fab card! :hugs:

And for I Spy, this colourful card from @Yorkshire_Lad showing the North Yorkshire Moors :blush: Love your new Yorkshire rose ink stamp - ready for the York meet!


Simon @simmo11
Another lovely surprise. Thank you so much x

Such beautiful cards.


For BI chain tag

Big thankyous going to

@EmmaG for the wonderful HK card with HK stickers and as always a wonderfully decorated back .

And @tesc for the interesting collection of Wedgewood .

I like crown derby and Iv recently got into Old Tupton. I don’t have room to collect pottery though as all my space is taken up with glass , mainly paperweights which I also don’t have room for . Most have been relegated to boxes under my bed these days . Maybe if I didn’t have so many post cards …:laughing:

Thankyou both for brightening up my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much @MartynHst43277 for this incredibly thoughtful card of The Queen of the Night! It’s very so atmospheric and I love how her wand/sceptre is a dandelion clock! Thank you also for the selection of really great history-themed stamps and the decorative stickers. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope you get some time off for a rest this weekend. :crossed_fingers:t2:


I would like to thank @MartynHst43277 Martyn who sent me this cool postcard of Postman Pat and Mrs Goggins who runs the post office, Martyn sent this card as a get well card. I’m happy to say that I am still on the mend and almost back to normal.


I apologise now as this is going to be a long post! I’ve been having some mail issues lately with my mother tidying up and putting things in a ‘safe place’ and then no one ever being able to find them again… hence why some of these cards are thank yous going back to March :frowning:

BI Tag

Thank you @tesc for the gorgeous vintage tiger card you sent me.
@Yorkshire_Lad what can I say for your envelope filled with goodies other than wow and thank you! I love your special handstamp with your birthday on it and I might have to investigate and see if this special pillar box in Liverpool is still around and where it is exactly! [edit] I did a little googling and there is a newspaper article about them in my local paper which you might find interesting Remembering the Liverpool Special postbox on its 150th birthday - Liverpool Echo looks like there is one left at the Albert Dock.
Thanks to @jobloggs for your gorgeous houses of Tenby card! I love Wales although I haven’t been there in a few years and haven’t really gone further south than Barmouth lol.
Also thank you for the gorgeous cat card on the sofa. Nothing could be better!
Thank you @katiemmj for your card and good luck on your maternity leave :smiley:
Thank you @mwntimperial I loved the Adventure series too! And all the boarding school stories Enid Blyton wrote. She made school sound so exciting somehow. Sadly no I’ve not watched the Malory Towers tv show.
@BriJN I don’t think I’ve ever been to a ceramics fair. It sounds like a lot of fun though! Gorgeous card too!! thank you so much.
thank you @MartynHst43277 It’s such a sad honour being the last card to be posted at the old rate! I love the simon’s cat sticker though!

BI reverse chain tag

Hi @JoF I envy you having three weeks of annual leave! I bet that first day(night) back was a killer though.
Thanks @jobloggs for the Glenfinnan Viaduct/Harry Potter train card. I bet it would be an amazing trip to take.
Thank you @EmmaG for the neolithic world heritage card! The weather is definitely improving although that’s not great for today as my mother has got out with the pruning shears and murdered my wisteria. I’m devastated. She got tired of waiting for flowers so has hacked half of it off lol.
and lastly thank you again @yorkshire_lad for your Robin card! I love the Batfamily although Nightwing and the first Robin are my ultimate favourite/s.


BI - I spy tag
@EmmaG thankyou for the super cute card and how wonderfully fitting . I love it :slightly_smiling_face: sadly I didn’t see any Aurora Borealis over the weekend , partly because I was working nights and partly because of too much light pollution where I work . It’s such a dream of mine to go and see them in Norway . Ah well maybe one day …


Did you ever read the Chalet School books by Elenor M Brent-Dyer - oh I loved them
Hubby suggests having your mother tied up ? X