British Isles Christmas & Winter RR!

Open to everyone in the British Isles :ireland: :uk: :jersey: :guernsey: :isle_of_man:
(there’s no emoji for some of the isles, but all are welcome!)
(RR groups are now full, and closed. 11/12/2020)
RR complete! 09/01/2021

Hello all :slightly_smiling_face:

After the blistering success of our RR for World Postcard Day in October, I thought a few of us might be interested in a British Isles Christmas & Winter RR!


How it will work

The Facts at a Glance

Deadline to join this RR: 12 noon on Friday 11th December

Number of cards to send: One postcard to each other member of your group

Significance of the R: This Postcrosser is happy to have either a secular or a religious image, such as a Nativity scene, on the postcard

Send your postcards on or before: Friday 18th December


:postbox: According to the UK Post Office website, our last posting date for Ireland is Friday 18th December. Luckily, Anpost have a similar timeline, so that’s the date by which we must send our postcards. Both services also advise that there may be delays this year, due to the pandemic, but I think we all understand that.


:christmas_tree: I’ve chosen the name “Christmas & Winter RR” to make it inviting to as many of us as possible. Wintry postcards (with snowfall, skaters or stags in a wintry forest, that sort of thing) are welcome. Christmas postcards are welcome. Regarding Christmas cards, these can be secular (with images such as snowmen, baubles, mince pies, holly boughs, and the old chestnut - a robin on a snowy postbox) or religious (with Nativity scenes, angels or the star over Bethlehem, for instance).

Sometimes we’re not sure if someone would appreciate a religious card at Christmas. I came up with this simple system to let everyone know if you’re happy to receive a religious Christmas postcard: please put a capital R somewhere in your post on this thread.

Example of what to post on this thread

Hi, I’d like to join! :slight_smile: I’ve sent my address. R

When I send out the addresses, I’ll indicate with the letter R which Postcrosser is just as happy to receive a religious postcard as a secular postcard. As these traditional, religious Christmas postcards are much harder to find, I’m not making it compulsory. Everyone who participates can send and receive just secular Christmas postcards, and that’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face: But, if you actually have a postcard with an angel, for example, you know that if you see the letter R, then that Postcrosser would be delighted to receive your angel postcard.

I hope that’s clear and that everyone agrees with this approach!

:postcrossing: How many postcards do I send?

The easy answer is: send one postcard to everyone else in your group.

How many groups there are depends on the number of British Isles Postcrossers who want to join in. I’d like to cap the membership of each group at 5, so the most you’ll have to send will be 4 postcards. (And you would also receive 4 postcards.) However, it may be less - it really depends on what the interest is like. (So, for example, if 12 people sign up, it makes more sense to create three groups of four, meaning everyone would send only 3 cards.) Watch this space, and your message inbox, for the precise details of how many people there are in your group.

:wink: Joining this RR

To join, simply leave a post on the thread below, telling me you want to join (don’t forget to type a letter R if you’re happy to receive a religious Christmas postcard along with secular ones). Then, send me a private message, with your name and address. When the RR is completed, I’ll destroy my record of these. The deadline to join is 12 noon on Friday 11th December.

When writing your postcards, remember to write the name of this RR, and your forum name, so the recipient can keep track of all their festive post. Once you’ve posted your postcards, leave a message in the thread to say you’ve done so. Whenever you receive a card, leave a message in the thread to let me know. I’ll update the RR list as often as I can.

Example of what to write in the thread when you receive postcards

Today I received a lovely postcard from @somenicename - thank you!

I think that’s everything! If you have any questions, please ask them here, or feel free to send me a message. And may I wish you all a very early, but sincere, Happy Christmas! :santa:t2:


Group One:

  1. figtrees :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  2. fisherman :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  3. AnjuschkaC :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  4. mavra :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  5. Coffeedoff :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:

Group Two

  1. claireandivy :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  2. whiskersonkittens :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  3. jlk254 :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  4. TheOtherM :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:
  5. highmint :fountain_pen: sent | received: ALL :santa:t2:

Hi Ray great to see a new RR here I would love to join Group One and I am open to any card including R :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

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@fisherman That’s great, Brian :+1:

When you get a minute, please send me a message with your name & address. Thank you!

RR updated :white_check_mark:

Hi great idea, thanks to the detailed explanation, I’ve decided that this is a good point for me to join my first RR ever!
So count me in, including R , I’ll send @figtrees my address.

As an aside, where do you get your Christmas POSTcards? I had fun shopping in Germany last year but no such luck here, even when the shops reopen.

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I’m so pleased that you want to join! :slightly_smiling_face:
Welcome to your first RR. Round Robins are quite straightforward once you’ve taken part in a couple of them. (It probably takes longer to explain them than it does to write the postcards!)

I have bought Christmas postcards in the past from Paperchase. Also, the Royal Mail/ Post Office sell postcards that match their Christmas stamp issue.

RR updated :white_check_mark:

I’m pretty new to all this and have never done a RR but would love to join in. Happy to have any card including R. Will pm you my details.

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I’d like to join

I’m happy to receive R

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We’re glad that you have joined!

I’m pleased - enough people have joined already for one group!

RR updated :white_check_mark:

Hi, I’d love to join too, if we have enough for a second group! (would prefer not religious if possible) :snowman:

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That’s great - when you have time, could you send me a message with your name & address? Thanks Claire.

RR updated :white_check_mark:

I hope I’m not too late but I’d love to join as well if there is enough for a second group. :slight_smile:
I’d prefer no religious cards.

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You’re not too late, welcome to the RR! I’ll add you to Group Two. Please don’t forget to send me your name & address in a private message.

The RR is open for people to join up to 12 noon on Friday 11th December :grinning:

RR updated :white_check_mark:

Please may I join!

Yes, indeed! :santa:t2:

RR updated. :white_check_mark:

May I join, please? I’m happy to receive R and will send you my address.

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Of course! :slight_smile: Thanks for joining.

RR updated :white_check_mark:

Hi - Can I join if there is still space? Never done an RR before so quite excited to try :slight_smile:

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You can certainly join and I hope you enjoy yourself :slight_smile:
When you have time, can you please send me your name & address by private message? Many thanks.

RR updated. :white_check_mark:

The groups for our RR are now full, and closed. :slight_smile:

I’ll send out the addresses later today. Watch your inbox!

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Thanks for organising this figtrees. My cards are written and will be in the post tomorrow :snowman:

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