Black ink for post card ID

Please write post card ID in black ink. Red ink can be harder to read…


I am use blank ink

You better write this on your personal page so people know to use black ink. Some people like to make their postcards look pretty, and some people, like me, only have blue-inked pens. I don’t think you can force people over all of Postcrossing to write the code in black ink, especially as you write that you find it hard to read, so it’s more a you problem than a Postcrossing problem. So write it on your profile that you prefer black ink, so people know what to expect :slight_smile:


I write it in green usually.

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I love the color purple but I also write my cards in blue.

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Maybe the OP has some medical/vision issue? You don’t have to accommodate if you don’t like black ink but why is everyone so insensitive?


I had a penpal when I was a teenager who was albino. I used to write in red pen and then I found out she couldn’t read that color ink very easily.


I have teoubles to read light colors, but it depends. I also prefer, if the ID is written in a darker color.

I too suggest to write it on your profile, maybe at the beginning.


I use one colour for the address and postcode ID and a different colour for the message. It looks nice and makes the information easily readable.


I once received a card from the US where the ID was in black ink. And unfortunately it was under the postal stamp (the one in wave forms). And it was really hard to read. There it would have been better to have used a different colour.
But as the others stated, maybe you should write that on your profile.


I personally write the postcard ID twice, in two different ink colors :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t remember when I started doing this but it’s been a couple years at least.
As others have suggested, it is best to add this request to your personal profile, and most members who receive your address may read it there.


Who is being insensitive here? The people suggesting to write the statement directly on the profile,so it can be seen when the profile is drawn? I don’t see anyone saying anything negative about OP or laughing at them for having a problem.


I’d ask every postcrosser to use good writing pen, because sometimes I can’t understand what is written: the pen writes too thin and at times invisible. :see_no_evil:

I’ve never taken into account that there are people who cannot see some colors so it might be difficult for them to read, as I have never encountered this problem in real life. Thanks for mentioning! I usually use blue pens. Is it visible or is it only the black one which works?

One comment was retracted. Another told the OP that it’s a “you” problem and not Postcrossing’s problem if she has vision issues. That is somewhat rude but their advice is okay. The rest are neutral so my comment would not apply.


I should have used something other than “everyone” in the original post… My bad for sure.

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This has happened to me many times. Therefore it’s good to write the id twice.
I write normally with black ink, but also other colours, sometimes red too, so it’s different and noticable.
It has also happened the id was written in light neon green, and I thought there is no id at all, I only saw it on day light.

I think people might answer little confused, as the first post only talks about black and red, when of course there are other colours too. Mostly I get cards written in blue ink. (One of my teachers had hard time reading red or green, and I remember this, and try to remember writing at least the other id with some else colour.)

You should state that on your personal profile page that you have problems with reading red color.

I usually use a different color than the color for the rest of the text - so far I only got positive feedback like it is much easier to detect the ID.

Of course I’m aware that not everyone can read / see colors (I have problems with very light neon colors on white paper) but as long as there isn’t a statement to this on the individual profile page I will go on using different colors. Of course colors where I think they are easy to read.


But it is true and in no way rude. If “I” have a problem to read red color/cursive/upside down/whatever it is of course “my problem” - because “I” cannot read that. But “I” could mention it and then “my” problem can be solved.

To tell someone “it is your problem” is not necessarily meant badly or rude.

It is only outrageous when someone asks to use a different color and receives an answer, for example, like “Nope, your bad luck”.


I only normally have a black and a red pen available, so I write the text and address in black, and the ID in red for it to stand out. I don’t remember receiving any complaints about this.

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This is a problem I often encounter with cards from France. The French post likes to spray-cancel the entire length of the card, so anything written there can be very hard to read, especially if written in black.

In general it is not a good idea to write the ID right next to the stamp, but I see this surprisingly often. Maybe people forget the ID and then run out of space? In any case, in such cases red would be helpful - that is, of course, if you don’t have a problem reading this color in general.

I now use to write the ID like shown in the picture.
Especially if the cards travel outside of Europe.
The Text will be in a different colour, mainly blue or black ink.