Bellingham, Washington Meetup -- Saturday, March 25, 2023

I will set aside 15 cards for you.

At first I didn’t know what you meant by hamsters, but now I get it. I look forward to meeting you.

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HAMSTER: Someone from Bellingham WA, also known as, “the city of Subdued Excitement”.

Thank you for organizing this. It sounds like fun. My first Meetup. I will be there and would like to purchase 10 meetup cards.

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I am from Bellingham and would like to attend. And this is my first meetup! Could I get 5 meetup postcards? Do you know how much they will cost?

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We plan to only charge for cost, so the cost will not be high. Probably about 35 cents, but we will see when the order is made. Glad you are coming.

I will be attending! Would like to have 8 please & thank you :blush:

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Had a chat tonight with my husband. I will be attending I would like to order ten meet up cards if I could please.
Thank you.:blush:

I will come and would like to buy 15 cards please.

Hi! I think I’ll be there, depends more on the weather. I’ll take 10 postcards, i have my stamp now so i can stamp away!

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There is a possibility that this might work for me. I will put it on my calendar and keep you updated. I live in Yakima and my daughter goes to WWU. Thanks for organizing.

I’m planning on being there. I’d like to reserve 15 postcards as well please.

Do we pay for the meet up postcards at the meet up or ahead of time?

I was able to take advantage of a coupon so the postcards will be 25 cents. I am fine with getting paid at the meeting. I will soon post a list of people that plan on attending and the postcards they wish to purchase (if any).


So happy to see that people are interested in attending the Bellingham Meetup.
Here is a list of people who have indicated that they are coming and how many meetup postcards they wish to purchase. The postcards will be 25 cents each. You may pay me at the meetup for postcards ordered.

cherrytempest 0 postcards
kburrell 15 postcards
BeckyS 20 postcards
Linapol 15 postcards
slaasrs 10 postcards
seattlestacia 20 postcards
Hasumek 10 postcards
gpuja 15 postcards
kdtaylor 0 postcards
sallyanne 0 postcards
seachange 15 postcards
harleyq2btrue 10 postcards
POB904 10 postcards
Olympia 5 postcards
mikiwei 8 postcards
LaurieBulson 15 postcards
katherit 10 postcards
CKtennis 0 postcards
Rainlion 15 postcards
kriselle 10 postcards
tara 20 postcards (ordered on facebook)
shelby 15 postcards (ordered on facebook)

It is not too late to order postcards. I look forward to meeting everyone.
Remember to bring postcards to trade and an envelope or bag of ten different postcards for a random swap.



I had no idea this was a thing! Thank you, Kriselle. I hope to attend, and would like to purchase 10 cards.
Thank you.

@Kristin1129 If it’s not too late, I’d love to attend! I’m happy to purchase 12ish postcards if available :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not too late, the more the merrier. I will put you down for 12 cards, but you might be able to get more at the meeting.

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Awesome - Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there an image of the card available? I’m probably interested in getting some (if it’s not too late) but I do like to see what I’m buying first. :grinning: