Bellingham, Washington Meetup -- Saturday, March 25, 2023



Nice! If it’s still possible to be included on the order, I’ll take 20, please.

It’s not too late.

Additional participants and postcards ordered:
aregan 10 postcards
FernKat 10 postcards
Bikurgurl 12 postcards
jwnewman53 20 postcards

Tomorrow is the last day of February. It’s snowing up here! Hopefully, there will be no snow at the end of March.

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I’d like to order postcards too, if it’s not too late.
Michele - Qty = 20

One more question. When I looked at the image of the card, I saw a copyright notice at the bottom left. Is it OK to use this image? I wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble.

It’s ok to use this image. I will put you down for 20 postcards.

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Two more orders for postcard and one more participant:
Cherrytempest 25 postcards
Catlover2120 20 postcards

Thank you very much! (And I’m glad the image is OK to reproduce.)

I will see everyone there! This will be my first meetup and I would like to purchase 5 cards please. Thank you :slight_smile:

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This is seachange. richard42 asked me to put his name down for this event as “maybe” going to attend. (I offered him a ride). Thank you.

Richard42 says he will be there. Looks like he will ride with me.

Great! We look forward to meeting you.

Hi! Looking forward to my first meetup. Would like to purchase ten cards if not too late. :slight_smile:

Hi Kriselle,
It appears I didn’t order postcards from you. (I thought I had, oops!).
Can I still get 10?

It’s still not too late to order postcards.
two more orders:
sallyanne 10 postcards
aus10england 10 postcards

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Hey Kriselle,

It is looking unlikely that I will be able to make the meetup. How can I send you my payment (I don’t think I have done that yet, but not sure) and also receive the postcards by mail?

Thanks so much!

Sorry you won’t be attending the meetup. I will send you a message after I figure out the postage.

I am traveling from Olympia to Bellingham. If anyone would like to carpool, please message me.

Hi Kriselle,

Is it too late to order Meetup postcards? If not, I would like to get 20, please. Thank you!