Is there a :beetle: in the algorithm?
I’ve notice that through this month (March 2022) I have not been assigned badges as I might expect; e.g., for 10 likes for a post or for 50 or more likes for a post.
Wondering … maybe the badges are assigned monthly?

hm, i just got a notification that i earned ‘nice reply’. that is what you mean, right?
so i think for me everything seems fine.

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One receives badges only for posts, that are public for all viewers. So one cannot receive a “nice reply” badge for any area/topic marked with a lock icon. (For example “Games and Activities” - area or a topic like “Share a photo”).


If I remember correctly badges are only assigned for public categories. Categories with a :lock: are not counted, e.g. #games-activities and #trades-requests-offers

You may read more about it here: [NOT A BUG] Not earned nice reply after getting 10 likes in a post and here Reader badge

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The places I’m thinking about are general fora discussions, such as Month of Letters.

Could it be that you aren’t just receiving notifications for them? You have received at least 3 badges for nice replies for your posts in “Month of letters”. When you go to your personal “Badges” page , you can click the number next to the “Nice reply” and you will get links of all of your posts that got a “Nice reply” badge.

(The general “Badges” page works in a similar way, clicking the number next to the badge gives you the info of all badges given).

Edit. Some badges are given just once a day or can have a delay for a few days, but badges for replies seem to come as quickly as they are “earned”.

I just read your first post more carefully and you were only talking about this current month. For me “badges” have been working normally, got a new notification just yesterday. If you haven’t received any new badges after the beginning of March and you know you should have, then it gets more interesting.


Thanks all for your guidance. Muddling through and learning more and better.