Badges, Badges, Badges

@jugatmos and I were chatting about Badges… As they’re popular on the forum, and each time you earn one it’s an achievement. Only some Badges could do with more. WPD for instance, how about adding to the badge each time a member takes part, so for first time just says WPD, then if done the following year or for second time add the number 2 to the badge. There could be special badges for 10 years of successive WPD. Maybe get some members to design different badges, have a coemption, to which I’d be glad to offer a prize…

Well? What do you think?



I’m not sure if you mean forum badges as the forum has badges too, although those are primarily about activity on the forum.

But as for Postcrossing profile badges, the badge for the World Postcard Day already exists as you know. We will soon announce on the blog how it will work for this year, but in short, those who participate on that day (by sending a postcard) in more than 1 year will get a number on the badge for the number of participations. Keep an eye on the blog for more details.


Hi yes, sorry. I meant Postcrossing Badges. @jugatmos mentioned the Ambassador one and also should there be a separate one for the Little Mail Carriers? It’d be nice to expand the badges a member can get as well as have different designed ones as well. I’m sure members would love to get involved…

All the best and thank you.