Automatically bumped, what does it mean?

Hi friends,
Every now and then I see a thread which is automatically bumped after a certain period. But what does it mean? Is it closed, so you can’t respond anymore? Well, I think that’s what it means, am I right? Thank you in advance.

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When a thread is automatically bumped, it means that it’s moved to the top of the list of threads in that section. Typically from the bottom of the list. These threads are still open to paticipate in. Automatical bumping can happen to threads in #games-activities:tags for instance, where tags that have sinked to the bottom of the page is moved to the top to try to make them more visible and spark some participation.


Thank you. I think I get it. So you can still tag the last person, before automatically bumped?


Yes, you can.

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See here:

How do tags work

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