How do Tags work?

Send a postcard to the person above you, get tagged by someone else.

How do tags work?

Most of the time, they work like this:

  • You “tag” someone by writing tag plus the name of the person above you, in the topic. This means you’ll be sending a postcard to that person above you (and will receive a postcard from the person coming after you, who will tag you in turn).

:white_check_mark: You have to send the member you’ve just tagged a private message to ask for their address, so that you can send them your postcard.
:white_check_mark: Don’t post your address on the Tag topic itself, as this section of the forum is public and posts are visible to people without a Postcrossing account.

  • Then you send them a postcard!

Good to keep in mind:

  • Some Tags work differently (cards are offered), so always read the rules on the first post before participating.
  • Try not to interrupt an ongoing Tag with other chat. If you’d like to thank someone who sent you a Tag postcard, you can do it via private message. If you need help, post about it on the Tags Discussions topic.

Bringing Tags over from the old forum

If you’re the last person on a Tag in the old forum, feel free to copy the first post of that Tag into a new topic here, making sure to include the link to the Tag on the old forum. A moderator will check and approve it.

Thinking of opening a new Tag?

Have a look on the Directory and also browse the #games-activities:tags or use the search bar on the top of the site, to see if any Tags like that already exist. New topics shouldn’t be too similar to already existing ones.

You can suggest a new Tag on the Discussion topic. The moderators will review your proposal and wait for sufficient support to be gathered, before they approve it.

Ready to start?

Before joining a game, please make sure you’ve read the Forum Guidelines. In particular, always be mindful of the private information (including addresses) you receive from others in the context of games, and use it only for the purposes for which it was given to you. If you’re not sure whether someone is OK with having their information shared with another person, ask them first.