Automatic Registering of Cards

This is what I came up of, but there are things I’m not really sure:

What if you’re on a really long journey and some of the cards expired during the trip? Will they be auto-registered?

I saw some other posts saying that the cards would be auto-registered when you set accouts to Inactive or you’ve moved places.
But what if you’re just catching up so that the sent-receive ratio is balanced, just like people in this post?

I’ve checked out all of the replies here in the Receiving more cards than you send post hoping to find answers, but it seems like most of the people has Receive > Sent, not the other way around.

From what I’ve understood, a card will be auto registered only when the team closes the account of the receiver, or member quits (and asks this?) or when you move and choose that cards travelling to you are auto-registered. (You can also choose no to this, when you have a reliable mail forwarding service.)

Just being inactive doesn’t make the card auto-registered.


Thank you for answering! I’m always so curious about people talking about those cards being auto-registered and I wonder why they happen.

So if someone leaves the account there and didn’t contact the admins that they are leaving, the card left expired will not be able to be registered even by the admins? And what about traveling mode?

putting your account on inactive or on travell mode will not effect the cards that travell to you. Best put your account early on inactiv if you plan to travell for a long period of time (3 weeks or longer) as in my eyes it is unfair for the people waiting for their cards to be registered when they lay in your mailbox at home waiting.

Putting your account on inactive enables you to still send cards, but your address will not be given out to others at that period of time. When you put your account on active again all due spots of cards you send will also then be given out again to postcrossers to send you cards. So nothing will get lost - only postponed.


I think, when they close the account, the card will be auto-registered (cards travelling to the one who closes it).Because after they close it, they can’t register the cards anymore.

Then the “hurray” message explains why it’s auto-registered, like this:
“The account of the receiver was closed and for this reason the postcard was automatically registered.”


Yes! You are so right!
It won’t be fair if you’re leaving the card home when you know you’re leaving for a long time.

But what if there’s incomming card that’s already traveling for, let’s say 330 days, even if you set your accout to inactive for 3 weeks, you’ll still miss the 365 day mark to register the card when traveling. I know it’s a weird situation, I’m just thinking too much about boundary conditions these days.

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You will then, when you try to register it, get a notification that it’s sent over a year ago.
But it won’t be auto-registered just because the card is travelling slow and/or you are inactive.

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Thanks a lot! Now I kind of understand the rules: Your cards will be registered automatically when the postcrossing team is sure that you aren’t able to register by any means, which includes no access to the account, or you’re not able to reach incomming mails anymore.

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I have a related question. Last June, I got a name in Belarus. This was during the very short time when the USA was sending mail to Belarus again (maybe two weeks approximately). The card was never registered. The member was very active, basically active every day. I knew this because I was checking her account to see if that card would get to her.
Last month I learned she moved to Poland! But I learned this only because I read it in her profile.
There was no automatic registering of the traveling cards still in the mail, like mine. Does a member have to request that? Or does it happen automatically when they change their address, especially when moving to a new country?
Then I learned her new address was available to me under my traveling cards by clicking on the postcard ID. But I never got an email or message letting me know her address had changed.
So then I sent another card to the new Poland address and she got it quickly.


In the case of a change of address, a member may select to have cards in transit to her automatically registered, but this option is not required.


I’ve seen one profile with two addresses in different countries, saying that there will always be at least some of his family member in either home. I suppose once the address has changed, the receive location will be marked in the “official” address/ new address, no matter where the sender really send the mail to.

Cards towards you are registered automatically

  • if you move and request to register them
  • if your accound is closed
    – on your request for you quit.
    – by decision of the Postcrossing staff.

Thanks! You made it really clear :slight_smile:
It must be a lot of work if the staff had to decide whether the accounts should be closed one by one though, seems like a lot of work

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