Auto-Registering of Cards to Russia/Belarus

Since the block on mail from the U.S. (and probably other countries) to Russia and Belarus occurred just recently, I’m wondering if administrators would consider registering our cards that expire because they cannot be delivered to these countries. Perhaps they could notify the recipients so those folks could at least see the cards on their/our walls? Any possibility of this? Thanks.


Hey Melissa!
I’m having the same issue.
My card to Russia expired and probably won’t be registered for ages.
I just asked the question recently and Ana from the Postcrossing team said that they may will be delivered to the receipient, if your card has arrived in Russia or any neighboring country before the war broke out.
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P.S. Austria is still allowed to send mail to Belarus - but the situation is critical, I had been told at the post office.


Mail still seems to be working ok between Russia/Belarus and UK… I’ve been receiving items from both countries and cards sent to these countries since 24th Feb still seem to be getting there…


For whatever it’s worth, I sent two cards to Russia on Feb 26th, so after the war started but before the US suspended mail, and both arrived. :woman_shrugging:t2: Maybe there’s hope?


The postal service is very slow but it’s working
Two days ago I received 10 postcards in one day, they were sent from UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Finland and Czech Rep in the late February - early March


At the moment the Russizn post is not accepting mail from USA, Poland, Japan.
All other countries can send mail to Russia


At the moment the Russian post is not accepting mail from USA, Poland, Japan.
All other countries can send mail to Russia

Being part of USPS domestic system, all of my traveling cards to Russia got registered last week but obviously these cards were traveling before the war. I have 3 addresses, two from Russia and one from Belarus on hold waiting for the situation to settle to able to send them. They are already 23 days old. I hope there will be enough time from the time I send them to the final expiration date of 365 days. Maybe they can remove the 1 year deadline for those cards instead.


Ohh, so could that be the reason why our post stopped accepting mail to Russia on Friday? I thought this was a very sudden change and also the information on the Polish Post official site was a bit unsual - they mentioned “extraordinary circumstances which made it impossible to continue the postal exchange on existing terms”.

The cards I sent to Russia at the end of February have started to arrive this week (so far 4 out of 8 made it to the recipients), no real delay in my opinion.

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The cards I have sent on Feb 19, and Feb 23, both dates before Canada Post stopped accepting mail to Russia, were returned to me last week. I will re-send them when service is restored. My daughter mailed one on Feb 24 but did not put our return address on it, I wonder what will happen to it :confused:

Actually, no. The last piece of mail I tried to send to Russia was returned to me with a sticker informing me that Canada has temporarily suspended all mail to Russia. Thankfully, it was in an envelope with my return address so it got back to me and I can resend in the future.


And Australia. All countries with sanctions against Russia have cut mail services

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No, that hasn’t happened. For example Germany still sends to Russia normally. And Poland was sending until this past Thursday, and both countries are still sending to Belarus. That’s why I was so surprised with the mail suspension to Russia now because it didn’t seem obviously connected to the sanctions.


Oh my mistake then. I read a news article recently and I’m sure that’s what it stated, so I guess they got it wrong :expressionless:
Glad to hear that some post is still making it.

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I have two cards en route to Russia as of the day the war started, so i don’t expect them to actually arrive. Oh well :woman_shrugging:

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lol where did you read that at? there’s nothing like that on official website.

firstly, I’ve never heard of any postal system not ACCEPTING mail FROM another country. this is pretty ridiculous. any mail that comes through will be accepted and delivered.

secondly, yes, USPS stopped accepting mail to Russia from Mar 11, and some cards from US im sure are stuck there with bad timing… but I have no doubt cards that left US before USPS stopped accepting mail addressed to Russia will make it here without issues. btw Russia still accepts mail to USA, as Russian Post has own sorting facilities in Germany and China, which are still operational if I understand it correctly.


My mail and postcards officially or in exchange reach Russian Postcrossers and I have received postcards from Russia. Even sent after 24th of February well into March.
I even believe this mail arrived quicker there and here then even before the pandemic! So, I keep sending my postcards, because I always have one or two addresses from Russia like Germany and USA. The difference for Russia is now I add my address, so mail can be returned if necessary…
Officially mail from The Netherlands will be send to Russia and Belarus, but not by air and some countries will be with delay like Japan.


Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I had mail to India and Australia returned to me last year. The envelope was unopened with a yellow sticker explaining the reason. I was able to get a refund on my postage costs. When the incoming mail embargo was lifted by those countries, I remailed the envelopes to the two traders.

Lastly, according to the Postcrossing Postal Monitor, Russia and Belarus are among the countries where there is an outgoing mail suspensions; Russia does not mail to 115 countries.


Spain send to Russia accepted . But very slove arrive to destination .

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@cliffside you are correct! – if I haven’t heard of it it doesn’t mean this never happens. in fact, you reminded me that Serbia returns mail to Kosovo sent from Russia with a special postmark with the reason "that due to unstable situation in the region we cannot deliver ".

however. postal monitor shows the outgoing mail suspensions from Russia. this list is published on the official Russian Post website from the start of the COVID pandemic, updated regularly, and also includes suspensions for logistics reasons (received dozens of cards from the countries that are still red on that list; while my mail to them either returned, or “got lost”, or was delivered a year+ later). but I will stand by my claim that Russia does not reject any mail addressed to Russian addresses from any country. it’s the other countries choice / inability to send here.