Australian postcard postage cost confusion

Hi, I am looking to restart postcrossing (its been quite a few years) and I was checking the auspost site to see how much postage was for postcards these day but I’m a bit confused about which option to use. (I am also suffering a heart attack after seeing how much the cost of mailing a simple piece of cardboard has gone up in the past decade, holy hannah).

This page:
says under Small Letters that it includes “unenclosed postcards” up to 130mm x 240mm
it also says under Greeting Cards that it includes “a card or postcard” up to 260mm x 360mm and it implies that postcards do not have to be in an envelope for the Greeting Card rate.

I guess I am confused as to which I use if its a standard size postcard that is around 110mm x 170mm. do I just pick the cheaper option? because it looks like for some zones that is the small letter price but for others it is actually the greeting card price.

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You might find this thread helpful :blush:

Yes, you can choose the lesser price for zones where the small letter rate is lower than the greeting card rate (i.e. New Zealand).

I’m sure they used to have the Greeting Card rate match the small letter rate for NZ and Asia in the individual zone breakdowns, but they must have changed that with the last price increase. There is no logical reason that a card would cost more than a small letter — I think it’s a mistake.

Edit: @astrogirl, in case you’re not aware yet, prepaid maxicards and postcards are almost always less expensive than the postage for regular postcards and there are some posts about where to get them for even less if you poke around the Oceania category.

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I generally use the $3 stamps for almost everything, and so far I haven’t had anything get lost. I do love finding maxicards in the wild though, I use a lot of those + the prepaids :slight_smile:


I am honestly quite excited now that we have $1.50 stamps for domestic, it means lots of options to use two new stamps plus the nice crocodile stamp or a 20c pineapple and a 10c dairy cow (for GST)!


yeah I still have some left over from years ago and luckily there is no expiration date on mailing those lol I’ll probably try and get some more, but was hoping to send some non-touristy ones too. Those will probably need stamps.

oh, is the price going up? I will have to sit down and read more of the forum I think. the auspost website said $1.20 and $12 for a booklet of 10. Lucky I didn’t order the stamps yet. That might make it easier though, could just buy $1.50 stamps and use 2 for international if I run out of $3 stamps.

Thanks everyone for the info, appreciate it.

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Yeah it’s going up from tomorrow, sadly! FYI, if you’re using domestic stamps internationally AusPost requires you to add an additional 10% (because domestic include GST and international don’t). That’s as a note on the bottom of the stamp prices page and, now I look, it actually also says that NZ greeting cards can be sent with the small letter rate: